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Which is Kauai Island?

Celebrated as The Garden Isle, it will come as no surprise that Kauai is a breathtaking island, rich in lush, rich land with vast tropical rainforests, breathtaking mountains and breathtaking beaches. The largest part of the island is open for business; the damage is limited to North Shore. However, Kauai's appeal goes far beyond these arresting views.

Lihue, Hawaii (Reuters) - Legislators on the island of Kauai, Hawaii on Wednesday adopted a highly controversial action designed to limit the proliferation of pesticides by businesses that test new GM plants on the island. Kauai County Council adopted the bill six to one after month-long protest by island residents and U.S. continental groups who wanted to see a series of comprehensive checks by agrochemical corporations around the world that considered the island's rainforest environment perfect for year-round tests of new biotechnology plant.

Voting on Kauai took place in the midst of a worldwide counter-reaction against the proliferation of GMOs in foods and feed. It is said by some that it contributes to more use of pesticides, harm to the environment and animal and human wellbeing. However, industries say they are critical to boosting the world' s overall produce and enhancing ecological soundness.

"It is an astonishing recognition of the Kauai citizens who have withstood the huge pressures from GMO firms and gained their right to know about GMO and pesticide use in their community," said Charles Margulis, a spokesperson for the California-based Center for Environmental Health, who endorsed the bill.

Acknowledged as the Hawaii' Garden Isle, Cauai's countryside is a fruitful soil for DuPont Pioneer, Syngenta, BASF and Dow AgroSciences to test new cultures, who have worked together on an area of an estimated 15,000 hectares on the island of Hawaii in isolation. "It is our belief that it is a poor politics - and the kind of regulations that should stay at state and national levels, where political decision-makers and authorities are already in charge of overseeing our industry," he said.

" It is the 4th biggest of the most important Hawaii islands and has a surface area of 562. There are many on the island who have attributed public safety and environmental degradation to what they call the overuse of insecticides, as businesses are testing a number of GMOs. At the beginning of September, more than 3,000 people from the island went onto the Lihue roads with signboards and a banner and sang "Pass the Bill".

Earlier releases of the measures adopted in June banned field trials of chemical and GMO pesticide products, put in place an authorisation procedure for industrial use and imposed a suspension on the extension of GMO test sites. "My parishioners have asked for help," said Kauai County Councilman Gary Hooser, who passed the law, on Tuesday.

" Neil Abercrombie suggested in an effort to find a trade-off that the use of GM seeds and GM seeds firms could be made public on a voluntary basis. Adopted later Tuesday, the law exempted some of its stricter requirements and now calls on farmers to reveal the existence and use of GM plants and GM crop protection products; it sets up buffers around buildings, clinics, schools and other areas and calls on the shire to carry out a survey on the industrial impact on human and environment.

There has been increasing concern about the use of pesticides on the island in recent years, and some claim that public safety issues, in particular higher levels of cancers, are linked to agricultural chemical use in the trial-field. BASF spokesman Kirby Kester said at the hearings that the adoption of the law was unjustified because there was no proof that the businesses were doing damage.

Syngenta Hawaii spokesperson Mark Phillipson said before the event that the sector is working for a safer world. "Phillipson said, "We adhere to high quality materials to provide a secure working and neighborhood for our people.

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