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Hotel Maui Beach

The Maui Beach Hotel offers a comfortable stay in tropical and continental style. The Kaanapali and Wailea are hot spots for Maui Beachfront Hotels. Children free. The Maui Beach Hotel, a LITE hotel with locations, prices and amenities. Real Estate Location A stay at the Maui Beach Hotel takes you to the heart of Kahului, conveniently to the Maui Arts and Cultural Center and the Maui Nui Botanical Garden.

Hotel Maui Beach -a LITE Hotel - 158 Pictures & 158 Reviews - Hotels - 170 Kaahumanu Ave, Kahului, HI - Phonenumber

For my birthday I book this hotel - I needed a cheap hotel around the holiday in Maui. I really needed a neat, secure, preferably modernized room where I could lower my heads at nights where I would like to sleep late. so I' ve seen my fair percentage of hotel bills.

It frightened me after I had read some of the other review, but I was enjoying my sojourn. Have the rooms been cleaned and are they doing room maintenance daily? The staff are cute? Well, the rooms, even if some are "updated", are not the Grand Hyatt in New York, but if you're looking for old charms, with good services and a Clean Room and Hotel to Bed... that's it.

When you want to make a complaint about every little thing, just pay the additional amount and be generous for your holiday, but if you're a regular individual who just doesn't want to spent 500+ a nights when all you're going to do is go to the beach... stop to read and make a reservation.

He wanted to remain here because he remained there in the past with his ancestors. One has a beautiful sight on the sea. The personnel were good, gave good information. Complimentary DVD Februarynacht. The beach is nearby. The hotel gets a badge and the badge is really for the beach and not for the hotel.

Nice little beach. But the hotel is one of the filthiest places I've ever bought. Some of the most unfriendly individuals on the islands, the personnel were trying hard to cheat us by saying that there were no more free checkouts but for $30 we could checkout later... mhhhhmmm.

You go right past the reception and down the corridor. Our staff is kind and very observant. Excellent client services and Cleanroom. Anyway, the showers were disgusting. Mildew was everywhere on the sides of the showers and on the showers.

Most of the hotel was beautiful and quite neat. It'?s my first visit to Maui, so I have nothing to comprehend. $120 a nights, I think. It is a beautiful country with beautiful landscape, but the rooms are disgusting, the showers can only be described as Grimy.

The cushions were a solid additional berth that really felt battered, but okay, considering it was an old hotel. Reception personnel were kind, but I had a long waiting time as only one was working at the desktop. Altogether I so much liked Maui, if this place means that I can buy to go back to Maui I suppose I would compel myself to remain here again iugh.

before we were locals. However, it was the poorest client support at the reception! Disrespectful doesn't even come anywhere near Liz's behavior... rather juvenile, laughs with another office worker. What are you doing in support anyway? Otherwise the other employees are very kind and we enjoy our time.

This hotel is obsolete. Room wasn't very clear. Bad room had bristles in the showers. All in all we had a beautiful panoramic views for the prize and the grass was well maintained and the swimming pools were clear. Several of the employees were kind and we were enjoying the meal we had. Well, we spent a whole evening here.

Most of the remainder of our journey is in Lahaina, but we went off quite early into the dark and with our 13 months we didn't want to make this journey. You can definitely sense the awesome feeling of the people. The room was very tidy. Bathroom's clear, too. The hotel's older, but it didn't really start to felt old.

A lot of room in the living/bedroom/desk, large corridor cupboard with a lot of drawer and shelf units and a giant bath room, which has a small room for the toilet - beautiful. Large glazed showers and an additional 5' bathtub. Maehalo to the housekeepers and receptionists, all very kind and competent.

You never said it was $5 a damnight to park. Room clear, a windows AC device that was at about 60 and ice cold when we came in, the remainder of the room well. It can be assumed that it is cheap from many places around Maui, but it is still pricey.

We' ve only been on Maui for two whole nights. The Maui Beach Hotel is neat and comfortable to the south. Reception personnel were very friendly and when we wanted more hand tissues, they also took us a towel with them - very thankful, because our boy wanted the air conditioning all day long and I would be frozen without the towel.

Beautiful, neat, cool, dark room where you can have a good night's rest. Oldschool Hotel, so thick and beautiful cement wall, not too loud. Beautiful large bath room area and the laundry (toilet) is divided by a doorframe. We' re getting dressed and I take a bath and then take my stuff out of my pocket and I realize something creeping on the drapes... guessed what it was?

They could be in any hotel, I know, but seeing one in private was disgusting.

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