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Excursions to Kauai

Accompany us on a magical excursion to an incredibly beautiful part of the Garden Island. Please call us at the following number to speak to a shore excursion specialist. This excursion we loved under the guidance of Linz, an extremely knowledgeable and passionate archaeologist. Kauai Ancient Kauai Excursions is Kauai's only time machine. This excursion takes you back to a world that is barely visible.

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Old Kauai Excursions

Accompany us on a magic trip to an unbelievably nice part of the garden island. Every DAILY our tours vans pick up our visitors in the Poipu Beach Area and take them to another kind of place and age. You will be guided by professional archaeological experts through the past on the southern bank of Kauai.

Makauwahi Cape Reservation is a unique system of caves and sinkholes made of lime. You will visit the cavern and its surroundings and get to know the old archipelago ecoology. Cavern reservation determines the story of the southern bank of Kauai. Old seeds, such as those obtained from on-site excavation, are farmed in the domestic tree nurseries and farmed and planted in and around the area.

Guidebooks also know the local flora and fauna, zoology and where to find the best popes on the isle! From December to April, humpbacks break and blow are a frequent vantage point along the route!

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