Fiji which Islands to Visit

Fiji, which islands to visit

Fiji & Planning Your Journey What is the best season to visit Fiji? Will I need a Fiji entry permit? Will I need to take out any kind of holiday policy? Where is Fiji's local money and do I need it? So what is the tension and the socket in Fiji?


Does my cell/cellphone work on the islands? Do mosquitoes exist in Fiji? What can I give back to the Fiji fellowship and the insular communities? What is a responsible way to travelling?

Holidays in Fiji, Fiji-Islands Holidays

The shown model fares are per capita, per passenger, per seat, per passenger, including route and ALL airline-related tax and gas surcharge, and are non-billyan. The rates do not contain any costs of transport or shipping, which are freely selectable and adaptable by the traveller. Fares do not cover cabin or hold luggage handling costs, which may be subject to extra charge per seat on a round trip on the basis of the airlines tariff.

Nor does it contain any entry or visas charges that may be levied at any of the world' s major airfields. Pricing was correct at the date of publication. The model rates refer to a certain date of journey and a certain point of origin, as indicated. Their rates depend on the place of departures and the date of your journey.

There is no price check (airlines and hotels booking systems). Pricing can vary dramatically and temporarily.

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Welcome to Fiji! You will be met at the international airports and checked into our Nadi shelter. You can spend the remainder of the week exploring the swimming pools, relaxing and immersing yourself in the relaxing Fiji way of being. Once we get there, we get ourselves prepared for the first action of the morning - an exciting cruise to discover Vatulele and the Yanuca Islands and snorkel, kayak and sunbath!

Returning to our resorts we have the opportunity to do a session of sundown to find our Zén in paradise. By nightfall, we are sitting around the campfire with the natives for a few tunes with the guitars and try the locally produced beverage cava from a scooped shell of coconuts.

Fiji's coral coast is a great place to study and practise your paddling in a quiet and protected area. Then after a tasty meal we set off with our coaches to Novala Falls; this falls will surely chill you after the hike through the jungles!

We have the opportunity to watch the unbelievable evening sun and have a few beverages at work. The Yasawa Islands, let's go! We cruise in "Business Class" with air conditioning, beverages and refreshments while we explore some of the most attractive islands on the way to our goal and, if we are fortunate, see some tortoises or mantas swim around us.

At noon we arrive at our epoxy resin, then it is only a brief stroll to the restaurants where you can enjoy tasty cuisine. First we visit some lime stone caverns and see how they were created. We' ll also visit a small town and dive into its cultural life.

Exploration does not stop as we drive to Mantaray Island, which has some of the best snorkeling spots in the game! Once we get there, we have the chance to go snorkeling and play a few volley ball matches on the shore and even have some tasty drinks while we perfect the suntan.

Our second full days on Mantaray Island begin with some sea side activity and exploring some of the most thrilling places only the local people know. It is our last night together and how better to end a great weekend than with a cruise at sundown and an ice-cold beverage in your hands to watch the wonderful sundown and to drift around the crystal-clear water of Fiji.

Returning ashore we will have a goodbye meal with a traditional dancing and then we will have a stylish celebration with the other groupie' to have the best journey of your time! If you are planning to travel to Fiji, your group guide will be on site to give you information about the best islands to visit and arrange your transportation and all other recreational and recreational opportunities such as snorkelling.

If you are leaving Fiji, your guide can arrange transportation to the capital for you.

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