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It' a small island, but what a place! Yasawa Islands, an archipelago in western Fiji, is certainly a less well-known holiday destination. The best offers for Yasawa Islands Resorts at HideawayHolidays: Here you will find reviews, photos and prices for all resorts in Yasawa Islands, Fiji. Yasawa Islands are different from elsewhere in Fiji.

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Four things you didn't know about Fiji's Yasawa Islands -

Yasawa Islands, an island in the west of Fiji, is certainly a less well-known holiday destination. However, this does not make these islands any less interesting. Indeed, special facts about its past and the situation itself make this group of islands one of the most singular places in the tropics of the time.

These are just some of the main reason why the Yasawa Islands are so special. In 1980, under the direction of Randal Kleiser, producer of the critical-happily celebrated movie "Grease", the movie "The Blue Lagoon" was mainly filmed on the islands. Inspired by Henry De Vere Stacpoole's novel, this movie recounts the stories of two kids playing Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins, who are alone on an islet shipwreck, finally maturing into nosy grown-ups and having to face their own years.

During the whole movie the audience can choose different places on the isle, e.g. the esthetically appealing sands and breathtaking forest areas. Indeed, we suggest those who want to go to the islands to see the movie first and see if they can choose shooting sites during their own sojourns.

Whilst it is possible to reach the island by ocean, a floatplane is really the best way to get there. During the voyage in a floatplane, visitors can admire the wonderful ocean surrounding the Yasawa Islands and experience a magnificent panorama of the islands as they approach their destinations.

As soon as they arrive on the islands, they can still jump around the various islands of the islands and the various resort areas spread across the islands by air. One little-known fact about the Yasawa Islands is that the group of islands was cut off from shore visitation until 1987.

Some of them could go to the islands with a cruiser, but unfortunately they had to remain on their boats and could not get a foothold on the islands. However, after the increasing tourist requirements of the above-mentioned movie "The Blue Lagoon" and the increasing consciousness for the islands, the Fijian authorities finally permitted ruralism.

The Yasawa Islands received little interest until the mid-20th centuries. Following the start of the conflict and the possible participation of the United States, however, the United States chose to use the islands as communications bases on account of their intrinsic value. The use of the islands may have prompted the Fiji authorities to let crews sail to the area.

On the basis of the above facts, it is clear that the Yasawa Islands are more interesting than it seems at first appear. The islands are not only nice, but also have a long tradition. When you find the islands themselves or the particulars of their past interesting, what are you still looking forward to?

Get on a floatplane and see this lovely place.

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