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This is a hub for information on the most important laws and statutes affecting offshore and non-resident companies in the Cook Islands. Wellcome to the Hamburg Süd Cook Islands. Airport-to-Island information; live departure and arrival information, route plans, low-cost and traditional airlines, all prices in one place. I' m going on a two week trip with friends from Australia to the Cook Islands.

Cook Islands Travelers' Health Information (New Zealand) - Travelers' Perspective

Wrap articles for your own protection and wellbeing. It is possible that you may not be able to buy and package all of these products, and some of them are not pertinent to you and your itineraries. Consult your physician about which articles are most important to you. It is a general overview and may not contain all the articles you need.

In our Trip Information Centre you will find more information if you are a traveller with special medical needs, such as maternity travellers, immunocompromised travellers or travellers working for a particular cause such as providing humane assistance. In the event of a delay in your journey, please keep in mind to wrap extra items with important medical items. Ensure that the recipes contain any generic name.

Please take prescription drugs, glasses/contacts and other health materials with you.

Employer Information - Cook Islands National Pension Fund

Workers are often the first port of call for workers when they ask about their dues or choices. Below you will find some of the most important information for your company. It is the responsibility of each individual to register each worker in his or her work relationship with the Fund and to give all necessary guidance to complete a membership application when the worker joins the Fund.

Employers and workers are obliged to pay insurance premiums if the worker has more than one company. Any contribution created in the employee's name remains in the pension insurance until they resume work or are eligible for benefits. In the event that workers are away for a short period of absence, the company must inform the insurance company.

Contribution payments begin as soon as the worker resumes work. If, as part of your period of service, an associate decides to move out of the Cook Islands, his or her contribution will stay in the Fund and will still bear interest at the same interest rates as all other members (for non-Cook Islanders, see the "Foreign Employees" section on the available options).

When due, the employee is eligible for the services. This benefit is paid out to your staff worldwide. It will help to prevent the employer from incurring undue fines.

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