Best Attractions in Oahu Hawaii

Oahu Hawaii's Best Attractions

Capture a sunrise in Oahu. Walking on the Koko Head stairs. Swaay for hula in one of the best restaurants in Hawaii. Get reviews for Oahu, HI family attractions. The Chinatown exploration and dining is one of the top attractions in Honolulu.

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Making Oahu with Kids ~ Attractions that the whole family will enjoy

I have been to Hawaii since I was a kid, beginning in the 1970'. There are many beautiful recollections of Oahu in particular, many of which would never make it into a travel guide because they are just for me personally and meaning. I' m still smiling when I think of the sweet little man I had a huge love affair with in Waikiki and how I managed to find the guts to ask for a trip around the town.

Since I am an adult and a mother of two, I like visiting Oahu with children. A lot has happened on Hawaii's most beloved Oahu in the course of the centuries, but it is still an unbelievable vacation spot for families with an almost infinite number of attractions. Hawaii's army story is amazing and intriguing, dating back to the time of King Kamehaha.

The Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial are among the most popular travel locations in Honolulu and deserve it. Bring children along to find out more about the 1941 Japan invasion of Pearl Harbor and the later entry of the United States into World War II. Pearl Harbor Visitors Center provides exhibition galeries that give a very granular overview of the real Pearl Harbor assault.

You can then take the ferry to the USS Arizona Memorial. Pearl Harbor ticket reservations are available on-line (with a small charge ) and free to the general public. Please contact us for more information. When you do not book your admission in advance, you must arrive in Pearl Harbor by 7am to receive your admission cards.

When you are in a binding, you can buy Pearl Harbor passports through Viator. To learn more, take a trip through Pearl Harbor. Only a few minutes walk from Waikiki, the Fort DeRussy beaches are large and not quite as dense as Waikiki. It' a great Oahu beaches with children.

And if it is too warm, you can just go to the near-by U.S. Army Museum in Hawaii. Admission to the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii is through a contribution. The Hawaiians' pre-colonial strategy of war during the Vietnam War is described in this secret jewel. During our last trip we spend almost two hrs with a tour through the objects that are located in the former Fort DeRussy area.

When you or your child is interested in anything to do with weapons, armour or army histories, you will enjoy this school. Anyone who loves pets will like Honolulu Zoo. This zoo is situated between Waikiki and Diamond Head, right on the outskirts of Kapi'olani Park. The Diamond Head is a tufa conical volcano that has become the Oahu icon.

10 leagues eastwards from Waikiki, you come early to discover this preserved maritime area. Hawaii has worked very diligently to save the cove and its ecosystem from years of overexploitation. In this unspoilt Oahu area, be careful with children. Away from Waikiki Beach and Honolulu, the North Shore of Oahu has many attractions to do.

Polynesian Cultural Center is an outstanding open-air institution that shows the unique civilizations of the South Pacific, its past and live in the islands of Hawaii before it was colonised by the USA.

Ananas and Hawaii are quite the same in my text. Here children like to learn how to grow pins and hike through the biggest labyrinth in the game. Visiting here offers a fascinating insight into the pinapple making industries and how they have formed (and continue to shape) Oahu and the other Hawaiian isles.

Finish off your stay with a Dole Whip! Oahu, of course, requires you to stay on the beaches with children. Waiimea Bay is a marvelous, epoxy North Shores Bay themepark. Winters are Big Wave observation period, so keep the little ones near the waterfront and watch the giant ripples from a distance.

Shorebreaks can be quite tough even for grown-ups. Those looking for larger than Waikiki Beach will love all the northern waters. It lies in the breathtaking valley of the temples in Kahalu'u, the upwind side of Oahu. Children can ring the holy Bon Sho before they enter the sanctuary.

A free firework is always impressing, especially if you look at it from the shore. The Hilton Hwaiian Village triggers a firework show every Friday evening, which can be seen from Fort DeRussy Bea. In front of the firework displays, the event will include a Rockin' Rainbow Revue with a Mai Tai, torchlight, tiki dance and more.

It' a nice way to end an night in Oahu with children. Learn more about Hilton in TripAdvisor. Do you plan a journey to Hawaii? A wonderful mix of Disney and Hawaii can be found in our report on Disney's Aulani Resort on Oahu. You' ll enjoy this collection of the best pool hotels in Hawaii if any.

Did you ever visit Oahu with children? Have you got any hints or question about this isle?

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