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Living coral reefs and powdery beaches are just some of the defining aspects of the tropical paradise of Guam. The Guam Travel Guide provides advice on places of interest and activities, maps, city guides and Guam holiday ideas. Comprehensive guide to Guam. A comprehensive guide to Guam. Guam?

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Guide to Guam

Living turquoise and powdery sandy shores are only some of the characteristic features of the Guam tropic world. Mariana's biggest and most populated in Micronesia, it has been an important US military bases since the Second World War and attracts Asian and American visitors with features such as Tumon Bay, the charm of southern Guam and the Chamorro Village Nigh-Market.

Travellers usually begin from the capitol Hagåtña, which has historical places and is a great base for adventure on Lam Lam. Away from the glamourous facade, there are many interesting things to see and explore, such as historical towns and the colourful Chamorro cultur. There is a large choice of accommodation in Guam around Tumon Bay, Hagåtña and near the Aiport.

Originally known as Chamorro, the natives are kind and people-loving. Guam's gastronomic life is colourful, thanks to its many neighborhood cuisines. Try the Chamorro tradition at the Village Night Market. Typically, the traveller will stay in Tumon Bay, but if you're more advanced, you' ll discover the area beyond the megastructure.

With non-stop connections to and from Honolulu, United connects San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Washington-Dulles and Houston with Won Pat Guam International Airport.

Marriages, scuba dives, army and beach.

It is a beautiful term, "Guam" - a kind of fusion of "guava" and "balsam"; a term that creates pictures of a sun-drenched sunny southern isle full of sun. Which at the peril of blending metaphor, is Guam in a shellshell. It was one of those places like the Maledives to me: you know that there are high-end beaches, stunning dives and honeymoons here, but you don't want to get a Trivial Pursuit-check.

First thing I notice about Guam is that it is an integral part of the United States. Whilst many of the tropic isles have a glistening seaside with sandy beaches and straw-covered cottages on the shores, Guam has a lot of water and sandy.... but not so many cottages. The new War in the Pacific Historical Park with a view of Asan Beach is definitely a worthwhile stop.

By 1944, 180 US troop landings trucks raided this sandy area during their success in reconquering the Japanese. It was also the penultimate station of the Enola Gay before their disastrous bomb campaign over Hiroshima. Whilst few of them remain as long as Yokoi, the Japanese are still flocking to Guam.

Indeed, more than one million Japanese visitors come from Japan every year - far more than sixfold of Guam's people. Guam's major Guam beaches, Tumon Bay, are bordered by well-known global hotels - Hyatt, Holiday Inn, Hilton, Marriott, Westin - and each has an extensive seaside band.

The new fashion of Guam beaches has certainly increased the number of tourists. However, humans have been traveling to the islands for hundreds of years. In addition to the language influences, the Chamorro tradition - their craft, their art, their music as well as their eating - still have an effect on Guam's cuisine.

All of this is best experienced in the Inarajan Historic District, 30 minutes by car from the center of Tumon Bay Estate. Here the visitor can participate in the recreation of everyday Chamorro more than a hundred years ago. Of course, the Guam diets include a lot of naturalness.

There are more apparent attractions to Guam than all of them, and a brief look at any touristic booklet will tell you what they are. This is one of the best dives in the whole wide range, with stunning cliffs, sunken shipwrecks and astonishing wildlife in the water beyond the reef. Don't forgetting that not far from Guam lies the lowest point on the planet, the Challenger Deep section of the Mariana Trench.

But if you don't want to dive or get divorced, and if you don't like army heritage, tribal cultures, high-end retail, naval living and ethnical eating, just lay under a coke tree on the Tumon Bay whitewash and enjoy the sun. Singapore-Manila, Singapore Airlines and Philippine Airlines operate flights from Singapore to Guam.

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