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Surfing Resort Samoa

When in Upolu, there are some excellent surf spots on the south coast, including Coconuts, Devil's Island, Siumu, Village Lefts and Resorts. Accommodation is available for both surfers and non-surfers! Daily boat transfers are offered to surf the best waves of Samoa. Enjoy hollow tropical barrels and the heartwarming culture of Samoa. Surfing lessons at the Salani Surf Resort.

Surfing Holidays in Samoa | Surf Resort in Samoa, Polynesia

The Samoa is a magic land of magic isles, a land of wonder and geographic lush. Tailored routes to the secret treasure of Samoa are waiting for you. Enjoy some of the most dramatic and beautiful scenery on the Isle with the help of our expert guides. The East Coastline Tours give a particular insight into what the Isle of Upolu has to show.

Cross the Lemafa Pass (350 m) and admire the highest peak of the isle ("Mt. Fao"). Refreshing in the chilly water of the cave of Piula before returning through the Upolu hills, where you will see the longest falls on the Isle. Visiting the souvenir market to get a good deal before going to the Mulinu'u Peninsula to see the holy tombs of the chieftains and former Samoan guides.

One or two days trip with ferries (1 hours 15 minutes) to BIG Island Savaii. Concealed and unspoiled, this jewel offers a unique view of the island of Upolu without lack of attractions centuries ago. The 4. 5-star resort is the ideal place to relax after a relaxing days windsurfing through the notorious Samoan surf.

Booking your surf vacation in our resort today or contacting our staff to arrange a tailor-made itinerary. The Samoa is a magic islandsation, a scenery full of wonders of nature and geographic lush. Tailored routes to the secret treasure of Samoa are waiting for you. South of Upolu and right in front of the resort, some of the best surf breakers are challenging Samoans out there.

Samoa is a fast-emerging but still relatively unexplored surf area, which is hardly ever overcrowded. There are a number of constant pauses on the south shore of Upolu: Situated on the edge of Nuusafee Iceland (an memorable bend to the lefthand that winds around a remote near-by island). Take a joyride where the big shots are hiding.

Sports fishing in Samoa is simply incredible and we have all the fishing you need just around the corner. In Samoa you will find all the right fishing equipment. It' s difficult to surpass snorkelling in the clear, clean Samoan waters while you can watch exotic species along the coral canals! Go on a 15-minute boating tour to the desert Nu'ussafee and get some of Samoan's best snorkel tours back.

Choose a pick nick on the islands secluded banks and enjoy breathtaking views. You will be pampered with views of colourful corals and sharks in wonderful, tranquil water. Just a brief cruise east along the south coast of Upolu, you will not be dissapointed.

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