Oneroa Waiheke

The Oneroa Waiheke

Exhibition at the Island Gelato Company in Oneroa, Waiheke Island, New Zealand. Il Oneroa It is Oneroa on the Waiheke Isle. When you are a walk-in user, I expect that you will soon be able to see yourself, as photographs cannot give the full feeling of a place like Waiheke. This picture was taken from the road to the shore near the coach stop and from VideoEzy at the top of Ocean View Road.

In order to get to the shore, one should take this way and not the street, which is mainly an access street for the stores. If you take the street, you can stop for a cup of tea or a cup of cakes. Once you are down on the shore, you can run to the right or to your right.

There' s ways back to Oneroa, no matter which way. Walking along the right side of the coast, one finally comes to some cliffs with a multitude of cliffs and mini-beaches. It is possible to drive on the cliffs to Little Oneroa which is very nice (but not in the lagoon) and a favourite bathing spot with people.

That part of the archipelago is rather calm, with many more seabirds than humans, but it certainly has its own charms. When you want to continue exploring this side of the isle, it is possible to hike around the promontory (with the ocean on the right) to the next village:

You may be able to stroll or swim and discover the Oneroa stores and caf├ęs, all along Ocean View Roads. Oneroa's center offers views over the cove. There is a new edifice rising vertically to the street and here you can dine in the Wai Kitchen or the Red Crab Thai Rest.

On the other side of the street is Ricky's and the new Oyster Inn, a restaurant/bar and boutiquehotel.

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