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France provides important support in the field of education. For more information click here. I think this restaurant gets enthusiastic reviews and I think it's overrated. Vanuatu indicates that the political indicators are for Britain, but the economic indicators are for France. French (français) translation and a list of definitions for the English expression "Vanuatu.

Macedonian & South Pacific Cuisine

No wonder that tasting the best of the area' s food is one of the pleasures of travelling for gourmets. Vanuatu is the ideal place for a delicious vacation with its mixture of crisp tropic products and French clout. Mangos are especially famous for their delicious sea food plate with native lobsters, shrimps, fish and squid.

In addition to shellfish, the Mangoes Restaurant also offers the renowned Santo Islands mangoes, delicious tropic fruits and native flavours of organically produced cuisine. Together with a few French home-made desserts and a cup of refreshing fruits and coffees, Vanuatu is the perfect place to begin a cosy outing.

Then, for dinner, a picknick with French bred and cheeses and a glass of fine wines while exploring the sights of Vanuatu. There are a number of prestigious French eateries in Port Vila if you would like to try something of France. Among the top rendezvous are the Restaurant le Jardin des Saveurs and the legendary L'Houstalet, which has been in use since 1973.

L'Houstalet serves meals such as pigeons and fruit bat and is also known for its steak. Port Vila provides an outstanding selection for lovers of oriental cooking and fused cooking, among them Japanese, Thai and Indian.

About Vanuatu - News - BBC News

Vanuatu's only television station was founded with the help of Radio France Overseas (RFO) and is broadcast in French and English. The BBC World Service (99 MHz), Radio Australia, Radio France Internationale and China Radio International are available on FM. There' s a paper in the administration, Vanuatu Weekly, and a bunch of private newspapers.


Vanuatu (November 11, 2000 - French archeologists have given back artefacts that were taken out of the old tomb of a high chieftain of Vanuatu two centuries ago. The Vanuatu public broadcaster reports that the products are mainly pieces of jewellery. It was the tomb of the chieftain Roimata, the supreme chieftain of the island Éfaté, on which the capitol Port Vila is sited.

However, the domestic consignment found that the surrender of the artefacts could raise questions concerning the legitimate owner of the main security on Éfaté. Further coverage from Australia can be found at PACIFIC ISLANDS REPORT News/Information Links: Australia Radio/TV News/Radio.

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