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Dishes of all four circles to help Hawaii's families and children with legal needs. The National PTA is a state charta composed of regional entities throughout the state of Hawaii. The National PTA is a state charta composed of regional entities throughout the state of Hawaii. The PTA Spotlight of this months goes to Lahainaluna High School PTSA. To find out more about the Lahainaluna High School PTSA's activity and to find out more about its successful projects, visit our PTA Spotlight page.

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The Hawaii State Study Counsel (HSSC), the Hawaiian government's representative body of 180,000 Hawaiian schoolchildren. It is composed of members from the various isles of the State who regularly gather to address the needs and actions of our current and prospective members in the field of studies and studying.

Aloha, I am honoured to be this year's chairman of the Hawaii State Student Council. This year I urge you and the Hawaii State Student Council to use the ancronym S. T. E. P. (Selfless, Tenacious, Extraordinary, and Purposeful).

Throughout our lifetime we are cast into difficult circumstances, so we must be resolved to overcome the road blocks in our being. There' s a meaning to everything in the world. The HSSC draws its strengths from the existing networks of professional associations (state, counties and schools); however, we would like to further extend the current situation.

Our aim is to build a community that includes all of the country's current undergraduates. Throughout Hawaii, undergraduates can achieve this ambition by participating in the studentgovernment and remaining aware of the topics. The website provides information on the Council's work, up-to-date information on educational matters and national resource use. This website makes it easier for us to get in touch with our colleagues, so send us an e-mail - let us know what you think or join our Facebook group and sign up for our tweets.

The development of this ecosystem is the cornerstone of our ability to make changes in our homes and churches. We' re the voices of the Hawaiian student community.

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