The Tapawera is a small town on the South Island of New Zealand. The Tapawera is a friendly rural centre in the valley of the Motueka River. Promotion of Tapawera and the surrounding region for the benefit of national and international visitors as well as the Tapawera community itself. Receive the Tapawera weather forecast. The Tapawera Settle is a friendly family business in the village of Tapawera with supermarket, garage, café, restaurant and pub.

Tapeawera " Tasmanian District Council

The site contains information and hypertext link about Tapawera, New Zealand. The Tapawera is a welcoming country center in the Motueka River valley. The small but bustling municipality is built on the shepherds, milk, hop and berries surrounding it. Tapawera photographs of members of the general population.

The Tapawera settlement information on the long-term and annual plan. Informations about municipal buildings, reservations, play areas and sports fields in and around Tapawera. Cemetery, library, waste, recycled, plumbing and sewage information in and around Tapawera.

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Tapawera Settle, a welcoming campsite in the small town of Tapawera with a grocery store, parking, cafe, restaurants and publish. Abele Tasman is about 50 min northern and the breathtaking Nelson Lakes 40 min southern. The Tapawera is 45 mins southwest of Nelson and about 5 hours by car from Christchurch, so a great stopover when you head to Golden Bay.

We' re the perfect basis for Kahurangi:


A neat, cosy and peaceful campsite in the Motueka Valley, full of rural charms, Tapawera Settle is still full of comfort and a fully cuisine! This is a campsite in the centre of Kahurangi, Abel Tasman and Nelson Lakes. The Tapawera Settle Motel and Campsite is located in the magnificent Motueka Valley, set in the heart of the Motueka Valley and only 45 mins from Nelson and Tasman Bays.

This area is a hiking haven near many Kahurangi trails and river trouts and we even have a local bushwalk with a viewpoint opposite the plant. There is a polite bus service to and from the railway lines and reservations, which is available with all our accommodations.

In addition to a fully fitted fully fitted galley and washroom, we have state-of-the-art equipment such as CD burners, high-speed high-speed access, e-mail and a hot spas. There is a footpath to Tapawera Village for simple accessibility to everything you need.

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