What to do in Oahu Hawaii

Things to do in Oahu Hawaii

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August Activities in Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii's August is hot and sunshiny, with little rains and average temperature in the high 1980s during the days and mid-1970s at noon. The beginning of August is a favorite holiday season for Hawaiians and get a dash of sunshine before the severe schooling starts again.

When you want to prevent the masses, go later in the months; it's just that many beautiful things happen in Oahu from mid to end of August. Each year Oahu commemorates the heritage of Duke Kahanamoku at the Duke's OceanFest, which takes place in various places along Waikiki Beach.

Duke's OceanFest will take place for several nights in the second half of August. Activities range from snowshoeing, canoeing and various types of surfschool. The number of participants is limited, so please ask the organisation of the event before applying.

Hawaii's Statehood Day is celebrated as a bank anniversary on the third Friday of every month in August and commemorates his entry into the United States on August 21, 1959. Made in Hawaii Festival takes place annually and is celebrating the diversity of state production - groceries and beverages, chilled goods, literature, clothing, handicrafts and much more.

Maybe it is no wonder, given the many intercultural trends of Hwaiian societies, that a festival in Greece has been taking place for almost 40 years - and that it takes place near the water. During the last weekend of August, if you enjoy Greece in a cheerful setting, you can visit the McCoy Pavilion in Ala Moana Regional Park (south of Honolulu city centre).

You can choose your selection of foods and drinks from different suppliers, and you can buy Hellenic handicrafts to be worried in the fair. There is a great diversity of Grecian music genres; those who have never even experienced the "Greek blues" have to hear some vocal music by experienced musicans.

Organisers of the event are encouraging car-pooling or the use of local transport as car parks are restricted. It is a delightful celebration organised under the patronage of the Greek Orthodox Church of Hawaii. Honolulu Rainbow Movie Festivals could be just the thing for you. Organised by the Honolulu Gay and Lesbian Cultural Foundation, this prestigious and powerful event is one of the oldest LGBTQ movie screenings in the world.

Entries will be from all sides of the fair, with particular emphasis on the upcoming film-makers. The performances of the best of the best will then take place over a two weeks timeframe in August, along with specific shows and one-on-one performances, all of which culminate in a spectacular local rug riot. In advance you can buy a ticket for the film.

There' s always so much to do in Hawaii, and Oahu in August is a particularly welcoming view. August's exceptional happenings are a cute topping.

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