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American Samoa Cableway Restoration Plan In the 1960s and 1970s, a funicular across the port of American Samoa Pago Pago was a top touristic destination, but crumbled after a dr. The area at the beginning of the ropeway will be vacated and painted in good season for a trip on the Crown Princess in November on its first trip to the isle. Then, after his fly-by, the glider turned around and came down again to go back down the docks. He tried to try to fly under the ropeway itself, and in fact he wrongly estimated the range under the ropeway, and the wire was cut, and the aircraft fell into the port and killed everyone on the boat, and that was the last cableway ride.

It was the longest funicular from point to point above the sea, because it led directly over our docks. SL: I mean, the restoration of the ropeway has been in preparation for years, why has it been determined that now is the right moment to really deal with the restoration?

IT: Well, we had our 2010 tourist mastersplan published, and one of the main highlights was the foundation of the funicular, and since the visitors' office was already founded in 2009, it has always been our top priorities to do what it was to restore the funicular, but to add more functions and value.

They know that this is combined with extra service as part of a touristic overhaul. However, a whole range of other facilities such as a restaurant, a visitor center and so on, on a hill and below. This was a favourite touristic destination, it will again be a favourite one.

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