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What is going on and what to do in Dublin? Dublin's tourism page. This is your tour leader in Dublin. Come and savour this pulsating metropolis with amazing adventures, with the ocean and mountain right on your front door..

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You' ve probably already noticed that Guinness in Dublin (fresh from the factory) tasted better, but what you may not know is that Dublin is a great place for the whole hostage. Instead, take them to Dublin Zoo to nourish the geese at Stephen's Green or a pick nick in Phoenix Park.

Scientists like to follow in the steps of authors like Yeats and Joyce, while demanding buyers have a choice between design shops. Would you like to get up to 30% off your Dublin accommodation?

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Welcome to Dublin, a vibrant metropolis as cosy as a small town and as welcoming as your own locally owned Ireland pub. Featuring a smooth mix of classical attractions, an exquisite community setting and the pristine nature of Dublin Bay and the Dublin Mountains that frame it from all sides, this relaxed town is an adventurous one.

Enjoy the old Dublin favorites in the Woollen Mills. If you want to decelerate the tempo, wander through the city's delightful seaside towns like Howth or Dalkey or take one of the Dublin Discovery Trails to discover the city's mysteries. In Dublin everything revolves around the mystery behind the musical, the pleasure (fun) of humour, the sense of intimacy of this downtown area.

TripAdvisor has twice awarded Dublin the most friendly town in Europe for good reasons.

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