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Tell them "bula" and greet the lovely inhabitants of the beautiful Fiji Islands. Yasawa group of islands is larger in stature than the nearby Mamanucas, but is less commercialized, making it popular with backpackers. At Horizon Beach Backpackers Resort we are delighted that you have visited our website and want to visit the fabulous Fiji Islands. Backpackers, Nadi, Fiji Islands, Nadi, Fiji. The Yasawa Islands can be visited on a budget if you only want to stay a few nights like us and visit certain islands.

Yasawa Islands on a budget

The times when it was almost not possible to go to the Yasawa Islands on a reasonable price or with the knowledge of which Yasawa Islands to be on? Today there are islands on the islands that are suitable for all budgets, from simple backpack tourism to luxuryresort. In all of them, to be truthful, have breathtaking places so that disappointments are avoided.

If you really want these "beautiful" sandy areas, then head to the islands in the far North and visit the Blue Lagoon. It is the most loved backpackers itinerary on the Yasawa Islands, beginning in the southern and ending in the northerly part of a wonderful seaside resorta. Yasawa Islands is one of the most beatiful areas of Fiji.

Composed of a series of 20 antique volcano islands, four of them have spectacular peaks with peaks 600 metres above sealevel. And if you enjoy sandy beach, clear water, palm-fringed islands, rocks, coves, and coral canals, you've come to the right place! We suggest that you research thoroughly, determine what fits your budgets, what you want to do and what you want to see.

Yasawa Islands offers a wide range of recreational opportunities including snorkelling, great walks, snorkelling, kayaking, sundown cruising, speleology, angling and, what we have chosen, snorkelling with mantas ( "seasonal") and coral shark. The Yasawa Islands can be visited on a reasonable price if you only want to spend a few days and spend a few days there.

Since we only wanted to see two islands, we chose not to buy the Bula Pass from Awesome Adventures, but if travelers plan to travel to the islands for several nights, we recommend a look at their website as it will be much cheap. We also drove during the low season (May), so the resort was not overcrowded.

Personnal NoteWhile these islands are indeed nice and one of the major reason why visitors to Fiji, it is not a mirror image of what it is to live on the continent. Only Fijians you see are the workmen, most of them from the neighbouring islands, where the true rural is.

When you plan to come to Fiji, we strongly suggest that you do not bring the catamaran to the paradisiacal islands so quickly, but rather spend a few nights on the shore and explore other areas (Suva) where you can enjoy the true Fiji people.

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