Rakiura Track

akiura Railway

Situated in the Rakiura National Park and Stewart Island/Rakiura in the Southland region. Two cabins (Port Willam and North Arm) and three campsites (Maori Beach, Port William and North Arm) on the Rakiura Track. Rakiura Track on Stewart Island is one of the nine Great Walks of the New Zealand Department of Conservation. The Rakiura Great Walk, Rakiura National Park, Stewart Island. The Rakiura Track, one of New Zealand's nine Great Walks, takes hikers on an unforgettable tour of Stewart Island.

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Rakiura Track is a 32 km long circuit in Rakiura National Park on Stewart Island in New Zealand. Walkers often need three and a half day to get there on foot, but it can be done in a day or two. The other end is at Lee Bay, 5 km from Oban (Stewart Island's only settlement), and the other end at Fern Drain, 2 km from Oban.

Walkers can organize the transportation from Oban via the streets to and from the ends of the route, or they can run along the streets. As a rule, the path runs along the coast for a large part of its length, past small coves, large coves and tidal flats, and in its central part traverses precipitous hilly areas with thick bushes (dense forest).

Much of the track was ballasted. Most of the route would become muddy without them due to the turf and the frequent rainfall throughout the year. Generally the course is well groomed and of moderate to moderate level of difficulties. A walk along the route provides an extraordinary chance to see kiwis in the great outdoors.

On Stewart Island, the genus is the South African apteryx ("apteryx australis"). Two cabins are on the route, in Port William and Paterson Inlet's North Arm, and many walkers are sleeping over. We also have camp sites on Maori Beach, Port William and North Arm. Cabins and camping sites have restrooms and toilet facilities, cabins have berths and matress.

You can buy a can of natural Gas and other provisions in a shop in Oban before you leave. Helicopters are used to supply the cabins with firewood[1] as there are no streets to the cabins and hitchhikers are not permitted to fire. Cabins and camping sites must be reserved in time.

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