Bridge 2 Bridge Cruise

Jumper 2 Jumper ride

Thirty minutes longer than our Golden Gate Bay Cruise on our Bridge 2 Bridge Cruise: You can save up to 45% on Bridge to Bridge Cruise tickets with the Go San Francisco Card. Entrance to over 20 attractions at a reasonable price. BEAUTIFUL VIEW OF SAN FRAN AND THE 2 BRIDGES. Ships with comfortable interior cabins cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge and explore the waters near Alcatraz Island during a narrated tour.

Bridging 2 Bridge Cruise®.

View the whole San Francisco waterscape while you sail under the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge. thirty-minute longer than our Golden Gate Bay Cruise on our Bridge 2 Bridge Cruise: On our award-winning 16-language audiotour you will learn about the city's wealth of historical and artistic heritage as you drive past the region's most celebrated sights.


Me and my missus made the cruise in the early afternoons on a weekday at the end of June. It was cool so you' ll need a sweater or other. Situated on the inside and outside of the yacht, the view is better up. You' ll get a fairly good close-up of Alcatraz, the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge.

It' quite easy, but inexpensive, and it's a great way to enjoy a few moments to get to know the bay.

The San Francisco Bay Bridge to Golden Gate Bridge Cruise 2018

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge is best seen from the waters. From Fisherman's Wharf, this bridge to bridge cruise offers unrivalled vistas of this architectonic mecca. Drive under the crimson towers and under the Bay Bridge, the eastern part. Once on board you may be able to buy a takeaway or a beverage at the full cocktail lounge (at your own cost; you are also free to take your own meals on board).

Then, while your skipper guides you through the bay of San Francisco, past the island of Alcatraz. On the way to the Bay Bridge, which links San Francisco with Oakland and Berkeley, you will see Treasure Island and AT&T Park, where the San Francisco Giants are playing. On the cruise you can hear a comment on the building of the bridge, the archaeology and the famous San Francisco architectural style.

The trip ends when you get back to the dock. Please note: Toilets are provided on deck, offering both indoors and out. It is an open ticketing system, available for one-time use on any date this cruise takes place within one year of the date of sale.

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