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The Yasawa Island Resort And Spa remains positive despite low occupancy. Yasawa Islands Picture: He and his co-owner and resort manager Sheung gave presents to the children. The Yasawa Island Resort and Spa, Yasawa Island Picture: All about Yasawa Island Resort & Spa Fiji, Fiji: reviews, pictures, videos, map and description.

because of the shooting.... no problemat. - Past observations of Yasawa Island Resort and Spa, Yasawa Island, Fiji

I' m not even going to begin to tell you the story of the accomplishment we had when we tried to get off the island and the way they used our personal charters to transport other people and businesses to and from the island and to leave me to struggle to get some of our cash back (I finally gave up after I got half of what they owe us).

You can go to a place like Tokoriki Island Resort - it's better. Isn' t it a good idea to accept that you have some problems and do something instead of making exceptions? Yasawa - Tokoriki, your one-way yacht charters, were directly negotiated, chartered and settled with the tour operator without the resort being involved.

On that occasion we came up to you to see if you would provide us with 2 places on your outward journey for 2 more passengers leaving the island. You' re the one who consented, and we payed you for those seat. Since you had been paying for a one-way charters, we asked the airlines to allow us to use and purchase extra seat and transportation of perishables from Nadi - Yasawa, which they did.

It was an easy deal - like us, you payed for your one-way transfers directly to the carrier. Eventually we bought a new transporter for our brief journey from our airstrip and equipped some of our scuba gear.

When you go

When it comes to realising ultimative travelling dream, a trip to the Republic of Fiji is certainly an enchanting fairytale. Amazingly, the things that charmed me most were the rough feeling of adventures there, the restocking I felt so far away from the stress and responsibility of everyday living, and above all the genuine sweetth and sweetth of the Fiji population.

Fiji Republic is not a place in itself, but an island of over 320 and 500 isles. There are 110 of these permanent population. but only 10 per cent of it is ground. By saying that they "go to Fiji", they could see an endless number of island-like opportunities, from large shared flats to secluded homes or even privately-island resort.

Recently celebrating its first jubilee, Fiji Airways is the largest air company to take you directly from Los Angeles to the island in just over 10h. Fiji's global air transport company has been in existence since 1951 and is a key contributor to the economy of the area.

Employing 1,009 staff, many of whom are Fijians, the carrier is proud of its heritage and culture. Fiji Airways and its smaller affiliate Fiji Linke are often partnerships with and donations to many locally related concerns such as protecting the environment and promoting education for Fiji kids to keep the communities on the many far-flung South Pacific and beyond ontact.

Wherever you travel in Fiji, the distance between the islands can be between 30 min and several hrs from Nadi. There are many locations that work with a small plane and chopper charters such as Island Hoppers. In Fiji I went to three different island locations (Yasawa Island, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu), and I was flying in a number of small planes, from minute to very small, up to the helo.

The transport between the island is part of the above story. However, the landscape from above, of all the dispersed isles and beautiful sea life that is unparalleled in this area of the South Pacific for centuries, is breathtaking. If you are deciding where to go in Fiji, ask the resort or your holiday resort for guidance on how to get between the island and how to arrange land transport .

When you go to another island and do not spend the night somewhere on Viti Levu, it is possible that connection flight will take place later in the morning. I' ve received a pardon from the lovely Fiji idea. Once owned by the famous actress Raymond Burr and his precious orchids library.

In the Fiji orchid, I had a refreshing lunch, had a shower, lay in the swimming pools and even had a nap before I caught the next plane to the Yasawa Island Resort & Spa. His 30-minute Island Hoppers trip to Yasawa Island Resort & Spa, Fiji, was planned for the afternoons.

In Fijian there are 15 words for the word "sky" and Yasawa is the first. The Yasawa Island Resort is certainly the most wonderful place I have ever been. The Yasawa Island Resort is the only major business developement on the whole 22 km long island. Accommodation here contains all food and drinks except alcoholic drinks.

Yasawa employees and owners have incorporated the resort into the Fiji way of life rather than force it on the village population. Owners James and Erin McCann have been part of Yasawa for 16 years, first as visitors, then as co-workers and finally as owners. The Fijians fall in sympathy with the untouched setting and the beautiful modesty of the Fijians.

You now have two small kids (at the age of 2 and 8 years) who will be reared in Yasawa part-time and in Nadi for the rest. Guests will be able to gain genuine insights into the Fiji way of living and it is hard to determine the final, emotive and eye-opening effect of these insights. The resort offers week-long indigenous drinks (Kava ceremonies), folos (traditional Fiji meals/festivals) and meat (traditional dance), where you are invited to sing, dances, sing and celebrate.

Here you can see how Fiji lives are organized, without technique, without amenities and without the stunning impact of a modernised underworld. Apart from a modest temple, there is a small village college with about 90 kids up to the age of 8. At the end of this period, the kids go to other neighbouring isles, and remain with a large group until they have completed their schooling.

There are hardly any physical amenities or even essential needs for the local population. The Yasawa Island Resort offers jobs, and they also have a charity named Manasa's Fund, to which visitors can pay instead of employee funds. Tips are neither common nor desired; instead, you are asked to make any donation that you consider appropriate to the charity at the end of your sojourn.

The money will be used to purchase educational materials for kids, for repair work in the villages and for health facilities, safe drinking and sanitary facilities. Being part of Fiji civilization, if only for a short moment, is something completely different from being a common touristy and being a watch. It is what the scene of the meaning of adventures, the sentimentalism, so if you are on the red-hot waters in a raft, or watch the pink, orange and purple of a breathtaking sunset from the other side of the globe, you can bring an exceptional sensation of the place to live.

A 30-minute cruise from the resort takes you to other remote parts of the island, with pools of dolphins next to you. When you return to the resort after a sun-drenched restart, Yasawa will continue your dreaming experience in her unique open-air spa on the sands. Cathy, a cute young female from Fiji, gave me an unforgetable massag.

Yasawa's visit might be a kind of romance for a couple. All year round we welcome groups of 12 years and older. Yawasa Island Resort offers dedicated Yawasa Island Resort weekly and year round events for under-12s. If you are travelling to Fiji, there are two other family-friendly destinations to consider:

Fiji Nanuku Resort & Spa and Koro Sun Resort & Rainforest Spa. The NANUKU RESORT & SPA is a brandnew building near Pacific Harbour, on Viti Levu, where Nadi International is situated. When you stay three days or more, the resort will take care of you.

Fiji's newest resort has its own international airports and two leagues of privately owned beaches. This resort is a $25 million capital expenditure. Nanuku Resort & Spa Fiji provides a two level selection of accommodation for couple and family: the Vunikau Residential Resort, situated on a vulcanic rim with a view of the lake, and impressive seaside villas.

The Nanuku is a high-end luxurious resort with well-equipped, ultra-modern villas. The Kanavata also has a local café and gastronomic establishment, offering a mix of local and foreign flavours with sea food and outdoor products. Nanuku is uniquely positioned to provide a range of family accommodation facilities. Whenever a parent wants to have alone free leave, under six-year-olds receive a nurse every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. as part of their bath.

When you have a member of your extended household with particular needs, be it an older grown-up or a kid, Nanuku's employees have a certain amount of qualified assistance and commitment to care so that an unforgettable holiday can be enjoyed by all. Fiji's adventurous city, Pacific Harbour offers snorkelling, sharkspotting, white water canoeing, gulf, zippling and more.

Included in Nanuku's arrangements are some of his own, such as visiting nearby towns and market places, hiking and river cruises on the Navua River and Fijian arts and craft such as boiling, peeling coconuts and moneys. All of these resort related quests are run by Nanukus employees who are Fijians and who like to live their lives in Fiji with a shared sense of proud and outlook.

Her stories and guided tours throughout the area and on site are an asset of Nanuku. Come to nanukufiji.com for a modern luxurious holiday. Fifty -minute flight from Nadi, Koro Sun Resort & Rainforest Spa is in Savusavu on Vanua Levu, the other major island of Fiji. Approximately 15 mins away, Koro Sun is a cheaper resort with a variety of value and stylish accommodation on the 160 hectare plot, from one-bedroom outdoor offices over luxurious waterfront lake offices to rainforest mansions.

The latest addition to Koro Sun are the ten new reed-covered Fijian-style apartments and six new edge-water mansions. The first of its kind in Fiji, islanders will be able to experience a secluded sandy beaches, the beauties of the sea with simple entrance to and from the water.

Koro Sun is the perfect option for those who want to go to Fiji and find ways to keep the cost down. The price also includes meal. Friendly, welcoming Koro Sun employees offer an infinite range of free outdoor pursuits, which include led snorkelling tours, kayaking tours, rain forest hiking, gardening, herbal hiking, cycling, angling, floral arrangements and standing paddling.

A large selection of free, family-friendly outdoor pursuits is one of the major factors for a visit to Koro Sun, alongside the unmistakable lakes. Close to one of the most important sea corals on this side of the island, the Laguna is rising and retreating with the tide and the currents.

If you want a value-oriented Fiji trip at www.korosunresort.com, you can do so.

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