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A quiet and relaxing holiday awaits you here. Enjoy the best Yasawa Islands Resort in Fiji. You can browse through our unique and specially developed Yasawa Islands Tours using the links at the bottom right. You may discover your next holiday choice in Fiji as the'Yasawa Flyer' follows your busy schedule. Canoeing, swimming & snorkelling in the azure waters of the Fijian Yasawas Islands.

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Situated in the northern Mamanuca Islands, the unspoilt islands of the Yasawa Islands of Fiji are the most archetypical of the classical South Pacific paradise. Secluded, unspoilt and lined up like pearls of nature in the midst of unspoilt cliffs, these islands are surrounded by long, sandy whitewashed shores and blue oceans.

There are six major islands and many smaller islands more than 50 northeast. Vulcanic origins with rising mountain tops, these paradisiacal islands are impressive. Yasawas were spotted by Captain Bligh in May 1789, a few day after he began his iconic journey to the Mutiny. The Yasawas were usually of little interest to Europe's merchants or colonists and for many years were one of the most insulated parts of Fiji.

Because of their remoteness, the people of Yasawan are more traditionally than other Fijians and make this area a very unique place. The Yasawas are a must on your islands hoping route if you are looking for beautiful sandy spots and a flavour of Fiji cuisine. Heaven has 15 words in the Fiji tongue - and it's no wonder Yasawa is one of them!

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This is an enchanting place with a lot of ordinary delights. Year after year, the magic of the blue water, the powdered sandy beach and the charms of the local inhabitants and cultures attract visitors back to Yasawa Iceland Resort. Featuring 333 magic islands in Fiji, a Fiji Islands Tour is the ideal way to see as many as possible on your Fiji holiday.

The Blue Lagoon cruise offers gorgeous routes around the magnificent Mamanuca Islands and the stunning Yasawas on the specially constructed Fiji Princess. Step into the "Fiji time" and live the night in the quiet alley on this magnificent insular jump. Attractive jewelry that will bring you the most expensive luxuries to the Yasawa Islands of Fiji.

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