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Do you need a hotel in the Yasawa Islands, Fiji? Exclusive selection of boutique hotels and small luxury hotels on the Yasawa Islands with the best guest rating. to Nacula, Waya & other Yasawa Islands. Booking Top Yasawa Islands Resorts including Viwa Island Resort and Yasawa Island Resort for a private, intimate boutique experience. Youasawa Backpackers and Budget Accommodation Directory, Fiji.

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Yasawa Islands, Fiji Accommodation and Resort

Yasawa Islands take off like no morning in Fiji, everybody wants out. Why not, they are the most beautiful places to see, crystalline clear waters, smooth whitish sandbeach, secluded beauties, we like it out there. Yasawas began with local backpacker tourists, but have developed into an important tourist hotspot where new destinations are being built everywhere.

However, there is a group of Yasawas resort communities that have joined forces to offer a less expensive vacation in the Yasawas. For backpacker tourism on the Yasawa Island, here is a page with more information. On this page you will find a complete listing of all the Yasawa Island resort locations, with or without budgets.

You will see that some of our sites have a hyperlink to another site, which shows that there is a report about the site that was personal. Superb seaside offices at the very bustling Barefoot Manta Estate. Magnificent sea vistas from allures, even the dormitories are right on the sea. The first stop on the Yasawa Islands, about 2 hours by ferry.

Please have a look at our reviews. Affordable backpackers accommodation with very nice Fiji flair. Take the great hike to the top for breathtaking vistas when you have the strength. Situated directly opposite Barefoot Kuata. Please have a look at our reviews. Small-sized, inexpensive backpackers accommodation right next to Wayalailai Eco Haven and belonging to a native Fijiela.

Take the great hike to the top for breathtaking vistas from here. Please have a look at our reviews. This is a very well-liked place with great dining and some of the best snorkeling on the water. Big beaches are the best choice. Formerly a backpackers residence, but now many homes are here.

Please have a look at our reviews. A sophisticated insular retort in itself. You will have to change to your own yacht from Octopus Estate for an additional 20-minute drive. Nice dinner and great Boers. This is another very well-liked place with not only 1 nice sandy spot, but 3 of them! It used to be just a backpackers resorts, but it was enhanced with tent-style beau.

Snorkeling with manta rays directly from the shore, that's how near it is. Please have a look at our reviews. Accommodations range from dormitories to seaside mansions. Outstanding snorkeling directly on the shore. Please have a look at our reviews. There are no dormitories or backpack tourists here, this is high-end with breathtaking mansions right on the sands. It is a large residence with many different rooms, all very beautiful and fashionable.

Amazing dinner. Please have a look at our reviews. Situated on a breathtaking sandy shore with great snorkeling and no other resort in the area. In the possession of a Kyrgyz community. The accommodation is pricey and the meals are averages. Please have a look at our reviews. Inexpensive accommodation on a large sandy area. Fijians are great and will take care of you.

Eating is easy. Please have a look at our reviews. The Navutu Stars is a breathtaking high-end seaside retreat on the Yasawa Islands. Beautiful Boers with all the comforts. The Long Riviera is just around the edge of Navutu Stars, but does not divide the same one. Inexpensive accommodation with a great clean sand bath.

Fijian-obsessed. With the same beaches and right next to the Blue Lagoon Resort, Oarsmans is a good option if you are looking for a great price, but not easy. Refurbished bathing beaches are very inexpensive. The Blue Lagoon Resort has everything from student residence accommodation to a luxurious seafront promenade. Fijian ownership affordable accommodation.

The hotel is situated at one of the last stations of the shuttle directly on the top of the Yasawas. Inexpensive accommodation right next to Nabua Lodge. Situated on the same hilltop of the Nanuya resorts islet. Inexpensive accommodation with a nice Filipino hostal. A very small, peaceful place.

A very small residence with only a few boers, which ensures a very calm and tranquil sojourn. Beautiful accommodation on a beautiful sandy shore. The Yasawa Island Resorts.....

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