Treasure Island Resort Fiji

Fiji Treasure Island Resort

You can book Treasure Island Resort, Treasure Island on TripAdvisor: You can book Treasure Island Resort, Treasure Island on TripAdvisor: The Treasure Island Resort is a beach resort with a spa, outdoor pool and free wifi in the lobby. You can book Treasure Island Resort, Treasure Island on TripAdvisor: You' ll feel and experience the splendour and honesty of Fijian accommodation when you reach Treasure Fiji.

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This smaller treasure island has a large small towing bridge at the front where you run through the stern. Relax " Max is the best assets of the island. This new swimming Pool is the best resort swimmingpool I have seen. The best recreational institution on the island. It was the hardest and (occasionally) clearly erased the remains of the last evening.

Quite impoverished. On the menu is the way to go, but if you choose the àlacarte, if it goes with a committed rich breakfast evening, the nutritional value is far worse than not rich breakfast cuisine. The beverage delivery was quite bad, you had to go up 50% of the clock and place orders.

Children's club: There is a great attraction for this island in the children's area. There' re about 60 rooms, and when we were there, there were about 36 children. Nor did the woman look to be 40 weeks pregnant, so it wasn't like she was in any location to round up 5-10 children.....

Hint for parents......if you don't want your children to go on vacation, unless they go to the children's clubs when they arrive there, let them stay at home with Gran. A few really great ones, and they all like the little children. They have the smart old 80's hit group every evening, they were gifted, but they need a serious playlist upgrade, and the sound is way too noisy when you stand in front of them for supper.

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Situated on a reef and sandy island, 17 km from Nadi International Airport, on the famed Mamanuca Islands, Treasure Island is one of Fiji's most beloved destinations. The children's offices are also a place where the youngest visitors can learn about Fiji civilization and the surrounding area, as well as the island's famed tortoise farming programme.

It also has a refined dining area and lounge, a breathtaking bridal band and a wide range of recreational and culture-facilities. The Elevuka is located in the central building and serves a la-carte dinners and enticing options such as barbecues, loveto parties, buffet dinners and the show of a table flame.

The Takia Bar The Takia Bar serves all popular beverages and coctails. Every Wednesday and Sunday at 10.30 am the Takia Bar hosts a variety of refreshments and shows. RestaurantGanilau RestaurantExperience a sensational flame in the Ganilau with at least 6 guests.

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