French Polynesia Fishing

Fishing French Polynesia

French Polynesia fishing grounds: Angling on the island of Moorea, French Polynesia. All is on board to enjoy a wonderful daylight fishing in Moorea Island. French Top Polynesia Fishing Charters & Tours. Deep sea fishing or the Bora Bora Lagoon.

5 Best fishing spots in French Polynesia 2018 (with prices)

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Polynesia-French Top Fishing Charters & Tours (w/prices)

Have a 4-hour fishing excursion to the most beautiful fishing places in the blue Bora Bora water. Ideal for beginners and advanced anglers,... The Tahiti Fishing Centre Pro is your fishing centre in Moorea. An ardent and seasoned fisher for over 20 years, Captain Pascal is inviting all.....

Explore Moorea by ferry and see the fauna of the sea. Have a look through the crystal clear water at the sandy bottomlaguna and watch the rose whip.....

Flying in French Polynesia

Saltwater fishing for flies, especially fishing for bone fish (Ioio in Tahiti), is becoming increasingly common. The Tuamotu Islands are the ideal place for fishing flies! Tuamotu Lagoon's turquoise blue sea is the ideal place to practise this very beloved game.

Bony Fishes are a kind that is less popular with the people of the oaf. But all the fishers know and tell that they caught large quantities of bony sharks in the "fish parks". As the tourist industry in these remote islands develops, the practices of flying begins to become more democratic. More and more suppliers are now offering the" fly-fishing" service.

Tikehau: regarded by Jacques Cousteau's research group as the highest concentrations of all other Tuamotu Atoll. Rangiroa: has wonderful apartments for fishing with flies.

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