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Satellite view and map of New Zealand (Aotearoa is the Maori name of the country). A viral video is created and New Zealand vanishes from the world maps. New Zealand has vanished off the map of the globe. The latest footage, produced by the goverment's tourist office and showing both Mrs Ardern and the country's typical dry humour, has become virtual and has already produced a thousand opinions on Friday, just a few day after its release. It' the latest in a range of films produced by New Zealand authorities and lobby groups that use comedies to sometimes debate serious issues such as race, drunk and homophobicism.

Embassy: Featuring clever clues to New Zealand's world-famous rugby side and the winemaking community, Mrs. Ardern and Rhys Darby are investigating a "conspiracy". Made by Tourism New Zealand, the embassy is clear: Come New Zealand. It'?s the message: The New Zealand transportation company has in this release a young man who can conceive of the effects of letting a boyfriend drunken.

In New Zealand, the term has become a favourite membrane that can often be seen on T-shirts. It'?s the message: Rainbow Youth's first nationwide lobbying advertising initiative, a group of New Zealand peasants are discussing the appropriate use of the term "gay" in this film. It'?s the message: Taika Waititi is pushing boring satirical fantasies to their limits in this film for the Human Rights Commission of the New Zealand state.

Mr Waititi parodies a fund-raising and educational drive and pushes the audience to give "just a little bit" to a form of racialism which, he says, will not live without their help. It'?s the message: The New Zealand New Recruit Ad is an attempt by New Zealand PD to show their variety and relations with community while their officials run, leap and taxi through the town in search of a theft.

Reviewer said that the pictures of "funny, racing policemen" did not exactly mirror the relation between the cop and minorities.

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Darby Ardern - whom he calls "Cindy", "Your Highness" and "Milady" differently - calls in the tape to alert them that New Zealand has disappeared from many map of the globe. Ardern' s commitment to do something ends with the help of New Zealanders. New Zealand Tourism's #getszonthemap advertising campaigns are based on a true Kiwis brand.

Its secluded position 900 leagues eastwards from Australia means that it is often omitted in design with a map of the globe, from risky boarding to John Lewis table cloths. A particularly serious gap can be found on the New Zealand government's web pages, whose fault pages show an NZ-free worldmap.

It is a common example of the Mandela effect - a fake remembrance phenomena in which many say they "remember" something that never happened.

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