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Cannot be combined with other offers or discounted holiday packages. The Samoa travel tip is to compare prices before you book a hotel room or a flight. Hotels in Samoa, USA - List of hotels and resorts in Samoa, USA

is an unregistered area of the United States in the South Pacific,...... south-east of Samoa. The American Samoa is made up of five major isles and two offshore atollas. Tutuila is the biggest and most populated of all the archipelagoes, including the Manu?a Isles, Rosenatoll and Swains.

Samoa is part of the Samoan archipelago, which lies just off the Cook Isles, just off the coast of Tonga and about 500 km off the coast of Tokelau. The Wallis and Futuna Group is situated to the western side. When you are on the lovely Tutuila isle in the southern Pacific, look no further.....

The Pago Airport Inn is encircled by exotic orchards such as mangos, guaves, papaya..... The Sadie Thompson Inn is situated in the centre of Pago Pago and has recently been completely renovated..... Sadie's By The Sea is a 3 stars resort in Pago Pago, American Samoa. Tessaria's is in Vaitogi Village, Tutuila Island, American Samoa.

Evalani's Monu O Fiafiaga Hotel is located in the centre of Pago Pago and is a good, inexpensive hotel..... Sightseeing Tours and Activities in Samoa..... Turn your next holiday with the whole host of families into an experience you will never forget..... Provides the simplest and most cost-effective airfield transfers..... Holiday packages, holiday packages to every goal.....

Samoa Goway launches holiday offers

The Goway Travel has teamed up with Samoa Tourism to offer new holiday packages to Samoa, a small South Pacific state. The Goway package offers a variety of packages, among them the Iceland Explorer with Fiji and Samoa, which contains both Fiji and Samoa in one journey and the return flight from North America with Fiji Airways, two nights on the coral coast of Fiji and five nights in Upolo in Samoa with all transfer and breakfasts.

The Goway also has a Samoa romance pack, which comprises a return flight to Samoa and seven overnight stays at a seaside spa for grown-ups in Samoa. The Goway also has a Upolu and Savaii Explorer that will take you to both Samoa isles. The packages can be adapted to the needs of the traveler. The Goway can also organize daily trips to Samoa, prolongations and trips to several isles.

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