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The opinion-forming expert has put Moody's Namena in a nutshell and has a lot to say about it. Point-of-view Moody's Namena locations, prices, amenities: Expert Savusavu research, hotel and travel index only. Nowadays it is called Namena Island Resort. The MOODY'S NAMENA RESORT, FIJI is an environmentally friendly private island in the South Pacific. The Moody's Namena conference room information, meeting facilities and amenities.

Moody's Namena Fiji

MOODY'S NAMENA RESORT, FIJI is an ecologically sound privately owned South Pacific resort offering dive, snorkel, angling or honeymooning holidays with Fiji lodging. It is a remote haven with sandy beach and walking paths through the tropics. Dramatic from the deep Koro Sea and on the edge of Bligh Water, the kilometre-long Namenalala islet rises up, encircled by one of Fiji's most primordial dive and snorkel coral eco-systems, the Namena Barrier Reef.

This kite shape with several powdery sandy shores is home to a six bore Fiji holiday home run by Tom and Joan Moody. Contrary to most of the other insular destinations, where the Beachfrontures, Restaurants, Bars & Activity Centre is located to enjoy the stunning reef, sea and remote isles, we have chosen to lie on the cliff, where you not only have a view, but also catch the trade winds.

Each of the various "bure" locations has been selected with care and arranged at a distance of several hundred metres to ensure maximum private life. As Namenalala Iceland was uninhabitated when Tom'discovered' it in 1983, after spending two week tents on the Iceland, he chose to take a 10 acres large part to construct the Resorts and leave the bulk of the Islands as he found them.

Hiking paths through the rainforest lead to secluded shores where you can take a picknick if you wish. Fiji's marine ecosystem (often referred to as the South Pacific hard core capital) is diverse and the Namena Barrier reef that encircles Namenalala Island is hailed by dive reports as one of Fiji's best dive spots.

Moody's Namena Fiji

Above all, however, it is all the charismatic individuals who make it a very unique and unusual place. Your dream to choose this "empty island" and turn it into a paradise. Thank you for the great food, the great scuba dive, the relaxing, the fascinating mealtime tales and the nice and kind team.

Many thanks to Tom, Joan, Lil, John, Nigel, Bola and everyone else who made my diving experiences so incredible. "Of the geckoes on the walls, the splendid palm trees that are so high, the helpfully and kind employees with their ever-present smiles, to all those who walk the additional miles every day.....

It' a holiday of a lifetime, and now there is no longer an isle but Moody's! The beautiful things the archipelago has to offer: the sea, the sea and the (clean) outdoors. Moodys and the employees have made us believe that they are part of their families.

Enjoying the interesting tales over supper, we not only took a holiday, but also a lecture in story andography. "It was a great dive, accommodation and a great party. They were so kind and supportive! Thanks for joining us on your perfectly magic isle.

We' gonna go back and we just really like to know you're there for us. Oct/Nov 2006 P.S. Thanks to Ned for the new issue of Tom Neales "An Iceland to Oneself" for our archipelago collection, "What an absolute unbelievable place. Our Honeymoon began on the Isle of Namena and we could not be more happy with the environment in which our wedding began.

Tom, Joan, Lil and the remainder of the crew on the islands are very amusing and likeable souls. Altogether a very unique place with very unique persons. Thanks for: the beautiful view, the cordial welcome, the delicious meal, the (exhausting) kayak ride, the untouched snorkelling seaweed, the great dining conversation and above all the relaxation".

"Thank you all at Moody's Namena for a lovely sojourn. The good support of the employees was very much valued - John, Maria, Nigel, Jona, Bola, VJ and all the others were outstanding. "I had a great fucking holiday. Moody's Namena is such a place. Our employees are so inviting and friendly.

They have made a place so welcoming and integrative that we felt part of the Moody's Namena people. We' re hoping to be back one of these days. "We had a very pleasant second visit to Moody's. We have great personnel and very good meals. Better weathers next year! Perhaps next contingency, he can give up all the electronic.

Each employee is so supportive and kind. Excellent sojourn. Moody's answer: October 2006 has been the most bad October 2006 we have seen on the Isle of Fiji since 1984; this kind of windswept, harsh sea winds have been seen in the last 22 years during our "winter months" of July and August; and now Fiji is dry and our Weatherfrog says that we are seeing drastic changes in meteorological condition, as has happened all over the woldwid...

We apologized to all the people who were here at the moment that we have always liked for the quiet sea, the sunshine and the soft trade winds. We' re having the best times of our life. Our employees are working for us and we are hoping that they will all be there the next day we come back.

Thanks for making the last five days astounding. But Joan & Tom, your years of work have made this place a place that peoples want to come back to again and again. We' ll recall everything about this place - the islands, the local population, the personnel and the astonishing things we've seen while snorkelling.

We' re definitely going to come back with our dive license one of these days so we can enjoy it. "We' re so lucky to be here on Namena for our honeymoon. Dinner was so good. Thanks for joining us in celebrating the beauties of this isle. We' re going back.

Thanks for dividing your nice house on the islands, share your personal histories and enrich ours". "We' ve had such a great stay on this lovely little isle; great dive spots, great dives, hot and great personnel and great hosts! We' ll be sending our boyfriends and hoping one day to be able to come back ourselves.

Wonderful meals, beautiful and uninhabited shores, a picknick of champagnes and the eternal friendship and astonishing story. Thanks to you two and your nice team. "Avocado Moodys! Their people are the best in Fiji. We were the climax of our journey and we will definitely be recommending you. We would like to see your (fruit) bats when we get back.

"We' had such a great holiday, despite the 30 knots of wind! Everyone is kind and welcoming - everyone welcomed us, even though we failed to shoot volleyballs. Dinner was lovely. This place is incomparable - you have a truly one-of-a-kind, astonishing, beautiful place!

Thank you for making our visit so enjoyable. "Hello Joan and Tom, just to let you know that we will always see your islands as the only place on this planet where paradise really is. "We' ve had a marvellous period in Namena - and you won the competition; the coral corals are more original and richer in fishing (especially pelagic) than those in the Somosomo Straights.

I' ll wager that the Namena Maritime Reserve is one of the most amazing coral corals in the game! To be at Moody's was certainly a marvellous excursion into the most beautiful sea and bird habitat of Mother Earth; we felt priviledged to have had the whole country to ourselves. Dinner was very good and John, the cooking team and Victor, Bolo and the diving team were all supportive and kind.

"Wow, what a great sojourn in Namena! But, as you said, the main cause why folks are sailing this season is the breeze! I also identified 83 snorkelling types of snorkelling during my Namena Weeks and 16 types were mothfish. Exactly how many kinds of pelagic butterflies has Nigel seen in Namena?

Thank you LeShel and I for the great times at home! They' ve given us great memories for life! All of the people on the islands were so friendly, contemplative and supportive to us! It was 0200 East standard hours, which is 1800 Fiji hours.

We' ve already started to talk with our families about organizing a journey to Namena. Greetings from LeShel and myself and thank you for a tranquil, relaxed and enjoyable Honeymoon. "Joan, Liz and I wanted to say a late thank you for having such an unbelievable, unforgettable time on Namena.

Moody's has done so much better. We would also like to thank Tom and the employees ('friends').

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