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However, if you prefer the basics of visiting Kapiti, you can book a seat on the ferry without the additional guided hike and lunch. Check-in and departure point of the ferry on Kapiti Island is opposite the B&B. Special offer for ferry bookings, day trips & Kiwi overnight tours to Kapiti Island at the end of the season. He fished the waters around Kapiti Island. You will find the timetable on the back of this notice with your child's day and ferry time.

Preferential conditions:

STOPOVER with us at the Kapiti Gateway Motel Waikanae and take part in our travel offers: Preferential conditions: The Kapiti Gateway Motel is easily located....45 minutes from the ferry terminals. Early enough for supper, just a quick stroll to the city' s cinemas, shops, or a stroll along the magnificent Waikanae River.

Discount only for 1 OVERNIGHT BANK. If you want to make a reservation online, please mail us or call 0800 429 360. Notice - Your ferry reservation number is needed at check-in.

On the way to or from the Interisland Ferry Terminals?

On the way to or from the Interisland Ferry Terminals? The Paekakariki Holiday Park is the ideal stopover for all camper. The Paekakariki Town is 45 min from Wellington City at SH1 and our campsite is in a very peaceful location. When you arrive after 8 pm, please call us in advance on 04 292 8292 to arrange a later entrance to our safe campsite.

The creation of a place where threatened wildlife can flourish again has also provided a unique opportunity for the few visitors to Kapiti Island every single working year.

The creation of a place where threatened wildlife can flourish again has also provided a unique opportunity for the few visitors to Kapiti Island every single working year. The Kapiti Island Nature Reserve is ten kilometers long and two kilometers broad. The number of visitors is severely restricted - you need a take-off permission and a permission from your travel agent to land.

Listed travel agencies are listed below.

The Kapiti Coast - Travel Guide for Backpackers

The most northerly municipality on the Kapiti coast. One side of the small city is the Otaki Beaches sandy beaches with a breathtaking Kapiti Island panorama. Though it is a secure bathing area for a cooling down on a hot summer evening, the best part of the year is probably the setting sun.

You will want to get some images of the tan that creates a skyline of Kapiti Island. At the other side of Otaki, towards the interior, there are the Otaki forks on the Otaki-Fluss. It is the west entry to Tararua Park. Otaki Forks Camping is a good starting point for hikes, whitewater kayak trips or simply for excursions in the surrounding area of the rivers and forests.

You can take some of the strolls from the parking lot: From Boielle Flat we climb over the terrace of the Waiotauru creek to the view of the creek and the caravans. It is a bend that leads across the camp site through regenerative wood. A gentle stroll up the hill to the ruins of an old saw mill.

Rock through the woods to the field cabin - a non-reserved do-cabin if you want to use the area. Hiking above the woods along the bushland and sock. Back on the same path or further to the tops of the mountains and on the 3-day Southern Crossing Trek, which ends in the Kaitoke parking lot.

Waikanae has even more beaches ideals and the small city is located near the soft Waikanae stream. A 10 km long, well-maintained hiking and biking trail is located on both sides of the stream for those who want to explore. It is also rewarding to try the renowned New Zealand cheese and icecreams at Kapiti Cheese on State Highway 1 near the Nikau Reserve.

If you want to explore the Kapiti coast from a bird's perspective, you can do a glider ride. You can also take the ferry to Kapiti Island, where you can collect your ticket at the MacLean Park newsstand.

Cape is one of the few conservation areas in New Zealand. In order to reach the Isle, you must either travel with a DoC-approved travel agent or buy a DoC-approved ferry pass at the MacLean Park newsstand, Paraparaumu. You will have the opportunity to explore the island's fauna and fauna with a travel agent, spend the nights on the archipelago and even see a sealing or kiwis at noon.

When you travel to Kapiti Iceland without a travel agent, you can either reach the hiking trails of Rangatira or the Northern End. In Rangatira, take the brief and light Rangatira Flat Way before you approach a selection of two walks: It is the easiest way to the top of Tuteremoana, the highest point of the isle.

Stroll along the north shore of the isle. Head into the regenerative forests to a vantage point. The trail begins at the refuge, which can be found during a stroll along the lagoon path. Roomati relates to Raumati South and Raumati Beach. His right to glory is Kapiti College, where Lord of the Rings graduated from Peter Jackson.

Apart from a fabulous sandy area, Raumati has more to boast in the interior of the Akatarawa Forrest. Though many of the trails into the woods are accessible from Hutt Valley, the trail to Mt Titi is accessible from Maungakotukutuku Road just outside Raumati. You can either walk or cycle along Maungakotukutuku Road and across the river to Perhams Road up the hill.

Continue along this path and then take a bumpy western path to Mount Titi. They have now arrived at the south end of the Kapiti-Cost. You' re going to be awarded with another one! Paekakariki Beaches has a few good Surfbreaks. Paekakariki is near two theme park, Queen Elizabeth Park on the coastline and Whareroa Farm in the interior of the city.

They will entertain you and inspire you with hiking, bicycle and horseback trails. The Queen Elizabeth is the last naturally occurring sanddune on the Kapiti coast. It is an excellent place for bicycling and equestrian activities, the last one can be done with a rider.

Alternatively, you can hike from MacKay's Crossing on State Highway 1: This simple hike leads along the wetland and plunges into one of the few Kahikaea woods on the Kapiti coast. For a tour, turn onto the north Inland Track and then take Whareroa Road back to the departure point.

Hike between Pickle Pot in Paekakariki and Raumati South over sandy dune with the possibility to take the way to the coast or to the National Rail. As the name implies, this path is rather upcountry and offers you more protection in the woods. Begin this hike at the Paekakariki Informationkiesk.

This is another protected woodland path that connects to the Inland Tracks, called after the day when US Marines used this road between MacKay Camp and Paekakariki during World War II. Whareroa Farm is located directly opposite the State Highway 1 of MacKays Crossing in Queen Elizabeth Park. The recreational area with regenerative flora goes up into the hill and offers an outstanding view over the Kapiti coast.

Of course, the best way to get to these viewpoints is by foot: Only a short bushwalk through the bushland on this walkway suitable for wheelchairs. Hike up steeply to a viewpoint over the coastline and farmlands. Hike through the remnants of the forests that once covered the Kapiti coastline and end the bend by heading back to cultivated soils.

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