Is Apia in American Samoa

If Apia is in American Samoa

The newborn mortality rate is slightly higher in American Samoa than in Independent Samoa. Apiia to Pago Pago? In fact, if you want everything sorted out in advance, you should consider a place other than Samoa. It is a third wide land where the tourist sector is relatively new and little known. Fiji, the cooks and Tahiti have a much more advanced tourist business where it is much simpler to design from oversee.

In Samoa, the web is still quite a strange thing. There is no general connection to the web outside Apia. Therefore, when it comes to making on-line packages, web requests and web site supports are often bad. Most Samoans also have a bad command of German, which is another obstacle to communicating. Samoa is more contemporary, but the tourist business is essentially non-existent, hence the difficulties of locating information about it and the unlikeliness that a travel business will survive there.

I would suggest to contact Tisa ( and see what kind of tours she can offer. I was given a free informational trip to Aunu' u by her boy Jayson while I was living with her.

Suezega o le Moana o America Samoa

This is an fictive line on the Earth's expanse, about 180 degree eastward (or westward) of the Greenwich meridian. You have been to the US-Ostküste and tried to call the US-Westküste or the other way round?

When you did, do you recall trying to find out what it was - did you ever make a mistake and call too early or too far in advance? In this way, times and timezones on our world can be bewildering. If one remembers that the rising and setting sundown suns in the eastern part, one can reasonably assume that the early mornings reach the eastern coast, while it is still dark on the western coast.

As soon as the celestial body has made a revolution lasting 24 hrs, we begin a new one. We are 360° around our globe, i.e. the point on our globe farthest from London is about 180° eastward or westward, according to the driving directions. Once there, you have reached the International Date Line - an fictive line that divides the date by one notch.

When crossing the line to the westward, count one tag, when crossing to the easterly, deduct one of them. Although the International Date Line is fictional, it has consequences that can lead to interesting difficulties in the design of a trip it will over. Samoa is six acres behind the US Eastline.

But Samoa is on the other side of the International Date Line, 19 hrs off the East Coast! This is the 2017 American Samoa Expedition: Suezuega o le Moana o America Samoa, began in Pago Pago, American Samoa, and ends in Apia, Samoa.

In the first design, the crew had to take this imagined line into account when designing the outing. But since the boat will cross the International Date Line on its way to Apia, we will be arriving on March 2nd instead of March 1st. Timezone variations and the International Date Line crossings can also make it difficult to plan telephone conversations and interact with people on land in more than one timezone.

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