Latin khela (Bengali: ???? ?

???) is a traditional Bangladeshi martial art - a kind of stick fighting that is practiced mainly in Bangladesh. The practitioner is called a Lathial. ('in South Asia) a long, heavy, iron-bound bamboo stick, mainly used as a weapon by the police,'modifiers' of'a Lathi load''railway officers brought in Lathis-armed policemen to intimidate an angry crowd of relatives near the accident site. The police had to resort to a mild Lathi lawsuit to dispel the mob. Lathi definition, a heavy bar or stick, especially one used by the police as a bat.

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Lathi is usually made from masculine and sometimes tied at brief distances with steel bands. Typically a lathi is 2 to 2.4 meters (6 to 8 feet). Though Lathi is practiced in India and Bangladesh towns, urbanization has in recent years resulted in its demise as a rustic warfare.

Up until 1989, an international Lathi-Khela Conventions took place in Kushtia, Bangladesh, with troops from all over the nation [4] Due to the decline of practicians and viewers, it now takes place every three years. There are only a few left even in the areas where the Lathi troops once blossomed.

Today Lathi is most commonly seen at parties and weddings[8] Games are performed in West Bengal for certain pupa rites, and a similar discipline named chameleon is performed during the oath in North Bengal. Lathi Kahela celebrates Tangail Free Day. a ^ a bar "'Lathi khela' at Charukala".

Accessed June 9, 2013. Archives from the orginal on November 12, 2013. Accessed June 9, 2013. "Lathial." Lathi Khela to commemorate the Tangail Freeay. Accessed June 9, 2013. Two days of Lathi Khela ended in Kushtia. Accessed June 9, 2013.

Lathi, yesterday's gun | India News

The harmless looking destructive force is known as Lathi. It' practiced by the Indian gendarmerie and there's no escaping. Beats Constable and Sri Lankan cops can be seen as often as they lean their head against the Lathi as they refine their abilities on an unfortunate rickshaw. There are many who believe that Lathi came into being as a Yoga spirit practise or fighting style in old India.

There' a diplomatic foreigner in Delhi says Lathi could be the gun of the distant past. "I' m sure it's some kind of high-tech chip and sensing device on this floor, because if there's a bombing, killing or crash in town, you can see cops with their latis at the scene," says the politician half jokingly, and adds that it's amazing that a long chunk of seemingly endless pieces of boamboo is enough to break complex cases instead of a skull.

Humor aside, even the most demanding policemen are in agreement that Lathi is over. Facts about Lathi's cops are easy. They come in two different dimensions - a 2-3 ft-long lathi made of either reed or reed and a 5-foot wooden pole with an inlay. One is used by the policemen in the centre and south of the land, the second is more often in the Cowbelt.

They are licensed to use their latis free and wild by cracking minds and limb to inspect the mob. That gives Lathi such a range and strength that an meeting with him is memorable. "He added that Lathi is "a bequest of our past as the landowners held an armies of lathait (men with lathis) to inspect the farmers who worked in their lands.

It is the state that controls the Lathic regime, not the casualties of the Lathi who oppose the Lathi, even some who have been in the troops, who think that the cane - used by the British as a policeman gun in the nineteenth cent.

Former general manager of the UP-Polizei Prakash Singh says: "The Lathi is outdated. Singh, who has long advocated policing reform, thinks that the policemen are using the Lathi completely misguided. "We had Lathi drilling machines in our day. Cops have been educated to move together when faced with a crowd, but what you often see now is that they beat folks up one by one.

Says this also puts police officers in danger of being mobbed. The majority of contables are in the country, where a one-on-one lathi competition is still a favourite game, so it's not strange that without good practice they fall back on what they do best: to beat their opponents.

The Lathi's might is so great that even a Member of Parliament is not resistant to their savagery, as the railway protection squad policemen in Bhopal showed this weekend when they smashed the head of BJP Member Veerendra Kumar during a collision with shop owners. Lathi is a landmark for an ancient policing system.

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