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Darryl Marfo, props from the Edinburgher Requisite to the début Stuart McInally is only starting his forth test in the absentia of wounded Fraser Brown and Ross Ford. McInally makes his first performance since the 2016 Japanese July 2016 season with Brown and Ford on a long injuries schedule, with WP Nel nodding his heads over Zander Fagerson. Featuring Dunbar explaining fitness after Glasgow's return in her Pro14 victory over Leinster last week-end after a kneeling operation, Townsend Felder an All-Warriors line backliner, featuring new recruitment Huw Jones. Lee Jones will join Lions Stuart Hogg and Tommy Seymour in the back three rows, with Ali Price and Finn Russell forming the half-balls.

"We' ve got other chiefs, Jonny Gray at the front, Stuart McInally at and Finn Russell on the offensive. "Moving from Bath to Edinburgh this past summers, Townsend admits that he "didn't know much about the 27-year-old" at the start of the year. "He has his chance in Edinburgh, and some of it is due to injury, but he was playing in front of others we looked at.

"Liberty Backline, Edinburgh front line - people who know each other very well. "He said, "Samoa has true back rank strength," Townsend said. "When we give a Samoa or a bad foosball, they become very risky. tuart Hogg, Tommy Seymour, Huw Jones, Alex Dunbar, Lee Jones, Finn Russell, Ali Price (tous les Guerriers de Glasgow) ; Darryl Marfo, Stuart McInally, WP Nel, Ben Toolis (tous Edimbourg), Jonny Gray (Glasgow), Barclay (Kapitän - Scarlets), Hamish Watson (Edimbourg), Ryan Wilson (Glasgow).

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New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade | Samoa Fellowships

New Zealand's aid programme provides grants for Samoa citizens who are committed to making a difference at home. For more information, see Application Deadlines. You can choose from the following grant options. Please click on the link below for more information on the grant you are interested in. Applicants must satisfy all the New Zealand Ambassadorial Scholar selection requirements listed on this website.

Scholarship holders who are interested in topics that can enhance the socioeconomic growth of their state. We have selected prioritised areas that can help your nation and in which New Zealand has experience. A New Zealand Pacific Scholarship or New Zealand Regional Education Scholarship for Samoa (open category) differs from other New Zealand scholarships.

Candidates for the open category must fill out an Expression of Interest request card. Samoa's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (SMFAT) - Bilateral and Training Division wirbt für die Open Category Stipendien für Samoa. The procedure according to the invitation to tender must be followed by all prospective candidates. Expression of interest questionnaires are evaluated and then individual candidates are encouraged to send a full proposal via the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade port.

Samoa's New Zealand Pacific Scholarship or New Zealand Region Development Scholarship applications are the same as in other states. Local contact:

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