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State Government of Koror

The Koror State Government - Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Palau to the UK & NI map Micronesia Portal. The appeal concerns the constitutionality of the Koror Constitution. See Koror State Government Location, Revenue, Industry and Description. This shelter is owned and operated by the Koror State Government (KSG). The Grounding Coral Reef Restoration Project: Proposal to the Government of the State of Koror.

11. Koror state government inaugurated

11 January 2018 (Koror, Palau) The eleventh Koror state government was swear in oath today, with Franco Gibbons becoming the youngest governor of the state of Koror. Koror State family, visitors and residents who attended the ceremonial waited longer than anticipated when the meeting to elect the eleventh Koror State Legislative officer was divided into two fractions with two motions.

Nine of them signed both motions for a clandestine referendum and the motion, supported by Alan Marbou as spokesperson, Ann Pedro as deputy spokesperson and Jason Nolan as floor leader, won the most. Felix Francisco as speaker, Vann Isaac as deputy speaker and Ignacio Rengulbai as floor leader supported the dissent.

The oath went off without a hitch after President Remengesau Jr., the new Governor Franco Gibbons and the retiring Governor Yositaka Adachi made particular comments.

1.8 million dollar intermediate for the state Koror suggested

2 January 2018 (Koror, Palau) The new Koror government is inaugurated on 9 January 2018 and is due to take over. Governor Yositaka Adachi says the 2017 general government balance is without the funds for Central and Eastern Europe. For HOTL, $92k for state legislation, $39k for administration, $23k for legal counsel, $58 for treasury, $178k for state and cultural affairs, $391k for public works, $323k for law enforcement, $72k for KSPLA, $41k for planning commission, $240k for SS, pension, insurance and HCF, $179k for routine and other and other operational outgoings.

That amount comes from the state of Koror's municipal income.

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