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Cook Islands is a place to visit at least once in your life. Find out here what to wear in Rarotonga and what dress code applies to your holiday on this beautiful Pacific island. Explore the best and latest articles on architecture in Rarotonga. What is it like to be LGBT in Malaysia? Which voltage and frequency on the Cook Islands?

Weather in February average Rarotonga

February is slightly higher than January and the same as March. Some of the year' s hotter periods, the mean daytime February weather, range from a high of 29?C (84?F) to a low of 24?C (75?F). In February, the overall mean was 27?C (81?F).

As in other South Pacific areas such as Tahiti and Bora Bora. February is slightly higher than January and the same as March. Some of the year' s hotter periods, the mean daytime February weather, range from a high of 29?C (84?F) to a low of 24?C (75?F).

In February, the overall mean was 27?C (81?F). As in other South Pacific areas such as Tahiti and Bora Bora. Rarotonga's mean ocean temp in February is 28?C (82?F). So, await hot oceans for swimming, snorkelling and diving in the famous Laguna that surrounds the islands.

Whilst on most nights you can still rely on the clear sky, February has some of the coolest suns in the year. Monthly averages 8 hrs per night, compared to the peaks of 12 hrs per night in September and October. Most of the year, the clouds above the center of Rarotonga are more intense in February.

In the midst of the rainfall of Rarotonga (from November to May) there is a lot of rain in February. Competing closely with January and March for the rainsiest of the year, February has an annual mean of 17 rain showers with an overall mean of 190 mm. One of the wetter seasons on the isle, February is a bit muggier.

Averages of 85% in February, with a moisture content of 88% in the morning and 78% in the evening. At February 1st the rising and setting sunrise is at 6:21am and 19:23pm respectively, giving the isle 13:02 hrs of days. February 28th the day will rise at 6:35 am and the setting will take place at 7:06 pm, giving 12:31 hrs of days.

Since mild breezes are a constancy on Rarotonga, you can count on a medium breezing with a average windspeed of 4.7 m/s. South Pacific cyclones last from November to April - February is in the centre of the way. Rarotonga has a wide variety of accommodation choices, from luxurious five-star mansions to uncomplicated backpacker accommodation.

The majority of them are located on the unspoilt coastline and have a wonderful view of the lake. Crystal Blue Langoon Villa invite you to rest in a quiet and luxurious retreat area. Like the name says, classy mansions with two bedrooms are located in front of the Rarotonga Laguna in the center of Muri Beach.

If you prefer, you can have an open-air barbeque or take a stroll to Muri Village's cafes and restaurants. This adult shop features a mixture of rooms and mansions with classic insular decor and an outside swimming pools in front of a sandy and quiet area.

Eat Polish food with sea view at Crusoe's Restaurant & Bar and savour a sandy coctail in front of a breathtaking setting sun at Wilson's Beach Bar (a pitch to Tom Hanks' volley ball fan in the movie Castaway). A further sturdy three-star selection, sheltered in a lush green park, before gazing out to sea on the Rarotonga side ofrise.

As a top surf spots, the picturesque sandy beaches are also a great place to see migratory cetaceans passing by the coast from July to November. When exploring the islands is calling, get on a free bike to explore paradise. Tianas is a great choice for value and convenience in a great area.

There are a few cabins and studios right on Muri Beaches near Muri Night Markets and Te Vara Nui Village. Two one-room chalets have high ceiling, kitchenette and elevated wood deck overlooking the sea with a view of the Laguna and the Taakoka Isle.

Embedded in booths of iron-wood and palm tree plants, the open studios have spacious porches overlooking the beaches. There is a good explanation why Muri is the most famous sandy spot on the coast - there are even a few of them. Muri has some of Rarotonga's quietest lakes for snorkeling and swim. The lake is sheltered by small islets and a small cay.

Muri Beach is home to some of island?'s best resort locations. Rarotonga is a Pacific waterside specialty of sea food. Yet the small isle has been inhabited by international visitors, bringing with them a rich gastronomic landscape. At Crown Beach Resort, Flambé specializes in Mediterranean cooking in an exalted ambience with atmospheric light, lively traditional arts and a pavilion café in front of a crater.

On Rarotonga, Tumunu Tropical Gardens Bar & Restaurant one of the oldest restaurant on the island offers savoury food in a relaxing horticultur. The Tumunu is open every day at 6 pm and closes Mondays to Saturdays at 12 noon and Sundays at 10 pm. Situated in a backyard in the Wellesley Hotel in Avarua District, Lazy Trout Cafe & Restaurantoffers offers a restaurant by the pool with stunning mountains overlooks.

It is open from 9 am to 2 pm every day and from Thursday to Saturday from 6 pm to 9 pm. Vili`s Burger Join serves the best burger on the islands from a colorful thatched cottage in Muri. It is even possible to take your own beers, open every day from 12:30 to 21:00.

Rarotonga's most beloved walk on the Icelandic Cross Islands Walk leads you on a natural outing inland. Rarotonga can be seen from the high seat as a treat for your exhausting trekk. During an excursion to Rarotonga's discovery of the isle, the odds are good that you want to stay a good deal of your life at home.

The majority of the hotels are located on or near the beaches, so you are only a few minutes away from your accommodation for those who prefer to go on an excursion. Rarotonga offers beautiful sun rises in the eastern side of the islands as well as sub-lime dusk in the wests. The majority of tourist guidebooks will inform you about the famous Rarotonga Laguna - but don't ignore the other natural attractions.

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