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American Samoa cruise ships in the port of Pago Pago. Samoa Pago Pago Harbour, American Samoa: Inquiries and Support North America. Approximately five minutes walk to the capital Pago Pago. Mr. Warning said American Samoa was different than here.

American Samoa: Cruise liners increased by one for 2017

The American Samoa Visitors Bureau has approved another cruise liner for this year, increasing the number of cruise liners to thirteen vessels to call at the port of Pago Pago by 2017. By the time the 2017 timetable was officially published at the end of last weeks, there were 12 vessels approved, but the Visitor's Office Manager, David Vaeafe, said today that another vessel will be added for the year and this is the "Sea Princess" - which arrives on 22 April, the same date as the "Emerald Princess" - the latter is on her first voyage to Pago Pago.

"We will have two'princesses' that will take a combined of 8,199 cruise ship guests and crews to our coast on this particular date, a historic record," Vaeafe said. Last year, October 14th brought 6,800 transient guests to the Pago Pago port on the same date.

The Visitor's Office, with 13 vessels certified for 2017, says that the number of cruise guests - both cruise guests and crews - will be just over 31,000 this year. Lolo Matalasi Moliga states in his overall report on his condition of the territory that the number of cruise liners that visit American Samoa has risen in the last four years of management, with the Visitor's Office increasing in all 20 vessels from 10 cruise routes with a combined 31,932 people in 2014 and 16 cruise liners with a combined 28,986 people and crews in 2015.

The more vessels arriving in Pago Pago, the more turnover is generating for our industry, says Lolo. In 2014, according to the gubernator, providers earned nearly $194,000 in sales, down from $160,487 in 2013. In 2015, portside operators' income fell to $105,339, representing a 45.6% decline in 2014, apparently due to a decrease in the number of vessels visited by American Samoa this year.

The revenue also does not include what busses, cabs and other providers, such as travel guides, shops and diners are supposed to do during cruise ships' cruise ships.

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