Tuamotu Atolls

The Tuamotu Atoll

It is the largest atoll chain in the world, about the size of Western Europe. The secluded coral atoll is surrounded by one of the richest natural aquariums in the world. Unwind on the sandy atolls and enjoy the peace from its best side.

Tuamotu Atolls - Tahiti

The Tuamotu Giants are your ideal destinations if you are looking for an outing. They are home to some of the best dive sites in the South Pacific and the most stunning dive sites such as Fakarava, Manihi, Rangiroa and Tikehau. Fakarava, known as the Island of Dreams, is a marine sanctuary for many endangered birdlife, flora and toadstools.

Fakarava lies south-east of Rangiroa and is home to the second biggest laguna of the Tuamotu Atolls. The inner laguna of Manihi is the ideal setting for breeding the world-famous Tahiti Bead! Visiting Manihi will take you to the far northernmost part of the Tuamotus, about two inches from Tahiti.

You will find that your lifestyle is moving at a slow tempo and concentrating on the beauty and ease of being. Tangiroa is the biggest of the Tuamotus islands and is essentially a huge nature aqarium. Featuring an approachable yet remote charm, it is home to a very large ocean liner with a wonderful wealth of sea creatures - a goal that should be at the top of your diving itinerary!

It'?s no wonder they call it the Endless Lagoon! Known as The Purple Sands Island, Tikehau will really take you off the net! There are innumerable small islands of small pale green and rose sands surrounded by orchards of coccos and coconuts. Tikehau, which actually means "peaceful landing", offers nothing but peace on quiet and charming sands.

When you are looking for more scuba divers, don't worry, the Tikehau water is full of sea creatures! Watch this great Tahiti Tourisme with the Tuamotu Atolls game! Call us today and talk to our travel specialists today to plan your next outing!

Tuamotu Atolls Fact Leaflets

Search no further than the Tuamotu Atoll, Tahiti's "Pearl Necklace". Some of the most remote places in the worid. Tuamotu is situated to the north-east of Tahiti and encompasses a variety of breathtaking island and atoll. Especially the plains of Rangiroa, Manihi, Tikehau and Fakarava provide a variety of thrilling recreational pursuits, among them world-class dives, equestrian and ocean surf.

Born in the heart of African beads, the visitor can also relive the magical atmosphere of Tahiti's farm of farmed beads and perhaps come back home with an exquisite gift that will last for more than a life. Tuamotu Atoll Resort is as diverse as the island itself. Tikehau Pearl Resort is situated on a palm-fringed sandy area with a view of the lake and offers its guest an abundance of trips and activites to ensure an memorable holiday time.

There are snorkelling, canoing, sundown, angling and snorkelling to name but a few. Fakarava White Sand Beach Resort, on the Fakarava Fjord, has 30 large chalets in front of the scenery of orchards and tiaré-flowers. Its rich flora and fauna underlines the fact that Fakarava is a UNESCO protected area.

Don't miss the recently refurbished Kia Ora and Kia Ora Sauvage on Rangiroa, the second biggest igloo in the run. Kia Ora provides outdoor, seaside and surface bungalow accommodation as well as fine Polish food in the resort's open-air restaurants, the ideal location for a stunning Tahiti sundown.

If you are an advanced diver you should not miss the current over the Tiputa Pass, a famous diving spot just a few steps from the city. Real explorers will want to drive over Rangiroa's amazing laguna to Kia Oraauvage, a group of 5 cabins on their own moto ( "small island") in the hot laguna.

Kia Ora Sauvage's dishes are freshly catched daily. Visitors can take a trip to the lake and the nearby beach by outriggers. Snorkelling and snorkelling to dive, as well as stunning dark pearls ranches and Polynesia's abundant food, Tuamotu Aylls, Tahiti's Strand of Pearls, have something for everyone. Come and see why these places are known as Tahiti's hidden paradise.

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