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Lodge North Island

The luxurious lodges on the North Island offer a tempting selection of wonderful experiences. Luxury beach packages for the North Island Lodge on the Seychelles, Indian Ocean. The North Island Lodge: information, photos and videos. Experienced Africa travel experts can organise fantastic tailor-made safaris including the North Island Lodge. The North Island Lodge is a real favourite.

North Island Lodge on the North Island (Seychelles)

Bare-footed deluxe, encircled by wonderful sands on this unbelievable island. Eleven deluxe mansions. Villa with en-suite sun deck with swimming pools and immediate sea front entrance, A/C, free WiFi, Piazza restaurants, lounge, bar, spas, fitness room, shop, bookshop, library, washing machine, electrical buggies, bicycles, scuba gear (such as scuba dipping, canoeing, angling and surfing), dive-center.

North Island Lodge is situated, as the name implies, on the North Island of Seychelles. There is no other amenities on the island except the lodge, not even cobbled streets or stores. Lodge mansions are situated on the island's northern shore.

There' s another one on the opposite side of the island, as well as some smaller, pristine bays, most of which are within easy walking distance, as well as by bike or electrical car. Prior to the construction of the lodge, the owners conducted comprehensive research and came to the conclusion that in our overcrowded contemporary society, individuals attach great importance to the private sphere and individual area.

These accents have been incorporated into the North Island Lodge interior designs. In this sense, the mansions have been conceived as generous, luxurious apartments of 450m (750m at the North Island Villa), offering you lots of space to unwind and soak up. Every mansion was built by Seychellois or the island's artisans, who used timber, stones, glass and reed as the main construction work.

The use of a wide range of raw material has created a relaxed ambience and a fresh island wind for each of the villas. The Presidential Villas are all in a discreet line of woods with views of the island's wonderful sands. Ultimate North Island Mansion is set in a small wood of tacamaka woods on a gentle hill above the shore.

Every villa on the North Island has its own distinctive style and style, combining the concepts of bare-foot luxuri. Would you like to take a leisurely stroll along unspoilt and empty shores before taking part in a group retreat or exploring the marine life around the island? The open conference and sitting area provides first-class kitchen directly on the powdery sand.

If you never want to depart the North Island again, you can book full days, for example to La Digue, Praslin or Mahé (extra charge). Enjoy the vibrant and welcoming ambience of the major populated island of Seychelles before heading back to your remote island paradise in the afternoons!

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