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East end Bruges

Leave the warm embrace of Bruges and go to the neighbouring Ostend. Mr. Marcel Buelens, CEO of Ostend Airport Bruges, is very pleased to welcome Tatneft Oil to the airport: This is where you will find bus tours from and to the International Airport Ostend-Brugge (OST). Cheap holidays in Ostend. Contains bus tours, accommodation, food and excursions to Bruges and Veurne.

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Belgium Airport Bruges

Brugge is 25 km from the international airports. It is a very small airfield with very few fligths. Arriving and departing from the AĆ©roport is a relaxing time. It is the most frequented destination in summers when it offers air travel for the Belgium travel packages sector. There is an airportbus (line 6) to Ostend trainhof.

The busses to the Aiport depart from track 15. From Ostend to Bruges there are about 3 trams per hours. Ostende railway is located near the port and the coach depot. There are currently (end 2012) no UK connections.

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