All cruises to Tuamoto Atolls. Tuvamoto Firmat, Firmat, Santa Fe, Argentina. Touamoto leads the tourist vision of the Solomon Islands. Atoll Rairoa, Tuamoto (lower) archipelago. The Fakarava Island in Tuamoto Atolls Tahiti is a biosphere reserve with a thriving aquatic life.

10 Nights Retrospective Society Is. and Tuamoto River cruises, 07 March 2018

We' ve reserved Marcâs Moto Tour. Bora Bora Days 1: We used Pure Snorkeling for our first breakfast in BB. Moorea 1: we reserved the ATV trip in the mornings. Bora Bora Days 2, Rangiroa, Tahaâa and Moorea Days 2: Dive by boat charter. Visiting a fisherman's camp, an old temple, a chapel where we could see a dancing practise, a botanical gardens and a viewpoint high up on Tahiti Iti.

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Recently published 2015 results round off a good year for the Solomon Islands tourist industry. Bird watching is the latest focal point of the Solomon Islands Visitor Office, which aims to promote the tourist industry in 2016. Solomon Islands are working to stimulate the tourist industry and the cruising industry is becoming a real one.

Moon shadow of London - Rangiroa Atoll, Tuamoto Islands

A night sailing ship took us to the biggest avatar of the island. It' 40 mile long and 17 mile broad and is the most advanced with a hotel and runway. Early in the mornings we saw a herd of sooty terns fish for schools of small fish that were hunted to the ocean by blacktip shark.

Also we snorkeled at the shore and saw beautiful colorful fishs.

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Facarava is the second biggest tunnel in the Tuamotu tunnel of Polynesia. It has been declared a UNESCO biospheric reservation for its unspoilt water and blooming waterways. Faccarava is unspoiled and the tourist industry is relatively underdeveloped with only a few small guesthouses and restuarants on the isle.

Polynesia's black-lipped eyster, pinctada mergeritifera, is the only one in the whole wide range of oysters produced in different colours, forms and sizing. It was created over a four-year span of painstaking maintenance and repair, usually fifteen foot below the top of one of the most stunning saltwater lakes in the South Pacific.

The Hugo Dariel is a second breed of pearls on the Tuamotu atoll of Fakarava in Polynesia, France. More than thirty years ago the pearls found their way to the giants, where Hugo's father and mother were trailblazers on Fakarava. Even though the gem of Polynesia's marguerite oysters, pinkctada mergeritifera, is relatively new to the pearls growing industry, it is the only grown gem that is mysteriously manufactured by Mother Earth in a range of colours, forms and sizing.

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