Jean Michel Cousteau Island

Island Jean Michel Cousteau

The Cousteau Jean Michel Resort Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji is the embodiment of a luxurious Fiji dive centre on the island of Vanua Levu. Situated on a 17 hectare large coir with a view of Savusavu Bay. Featuring the famous Jacques Cousteau, Jean Michel is the founders and owners of the resorts, which has a commitment to environmentally responsible and high quality touring. A Fiji Diver's heaven!

The Boers are all raised to take in the view and the breeze. They all have a luxury, made-to-measure king size beds, twin beds, ceiling ventilators, stand-up compartments, en-suite decks, desks, gowns, coffee machine for the media, irons & irons and hairdryers. A minibar with free refreshments and Fiji waters in every Bahra.

The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort has only 25 Fiji style cabins offering top quality accommodation in the tranquillity of the Fiji Islands. Step into first-class Fiji accommodation with wicker furniture, a fluffy royal queen crib, oversized bathroom, a separate decking and Bure's with a view of the sea or south. In order to improve the peace and quiet, the Fiji offices do not have phones or TVs, but there is free Wi-Fi Wi-Fi intranet.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Cive Centre is a full-service establishment that offers a broad spectrum of unique scuba experience. One 5-star PADI base with expert scuba guides and everything you need for your scuba adventure. There are three specially designed boats that will take you to the reserve in 10-15 min and to Namena, one of the best divesites in the whole word, in 45 min.

There is a system of uncharted cliffs miles away just South of the reserve, with apparently undiscovered cliffs, colourful hard water flora and beautiful sea creatures intact. RESORTACTIVITIES: avu Peasants' Fair, Dorfgottesdienste, Nukubulavu Dorffahrt, Fidschian storytelling, Palmblatt und Korbmacherei, Explore savusavu city, Kava ceremonies, Fidschian Loveto.

Snorkel tours, snorkelling, nature walks, shallow dive on reefs, mangroves, reef dwellers & slideshow, glassbottom boats, rain forest walks and waterfalls walks, eatable scenic walks, mussel-farming, Fiji medical walks, stargazing, snorkelling at nights, Slideshow. Hidden on a secluded promontory with views of Savusavu Bay and the Koro Sea, the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is the epitome of a truly island holiday.

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