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Visitor record set for 2017

Fiji's industry is one of the fastestgrowing areas of the global population. In the last two centuries, the tourist industry has been instrumental in promoting the Pacific Island States' economies, particularly Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu and the Cook Islands. The latest preliminary figures published by the Fiji Statistics Office show that Fiji's yearly visitor numbers to 842,884 in 2017 were a new record.

That was 6.4 percent more than the current high of 792,320 in 2016. In July, the number of visitors per month exceeded the 90,000 barrier for the first timeframe with 90,108 arrival figures. The attendance records in 2017 were boosted by the following countries: The number of visitors from New Zealand (184,595) and the USA (81,198) were the highest in one year.

The number of people visiting the two main sources in Fiji, Australia (365,689) and New Zealand (184,595), corresponds to an averages of 1002 and 506 per day, respectively. Considering the aim of the trips, 630,700 (74.8 percent), 74,492 (8.8 percent) of the people visiting loved ones, 33,222 (3.9 percent) and 104,470 (12.5 percent) were visiting Fiji for other causes.

The number of visits in July was the highest in 2017 at 90,108, followed by August and October at 82,316 and 78,164 respectively. In 2017 we had the privilege of hosting some of the outstanding celebrities from various fraternities such as sports celebrities, film actresses and film people.

Fiji's income from the tourist industry amounted to $530.

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