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Holy Islands Fiji

The Robinson Crusoe Island is a tourism company on the island of Likuri. In Fiji there are many sacred places, such as temples, mosques and churches. Holy Island is an incredibly beautiful place. A fun cruise in the South Pacific, ideal for anyone on holiday in Fiji. Visit the amazing Sacred Islands.

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These four Virgin Islands are 35 nautical leagues east of Nadi, at the northern point of the Mamanuca Group, northwest of Tokoriki.

Transportation - The sacred islands can be reached by ferry from Port Denarau on Viti Levu.

Sanctuary of Adi Da Samrajashram

This is the hermitage sanctuary of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, who has been sanctified by Him as the Primordial Place from which His blessings flow unceasingly into the rest of the earth. It was his most important ashlar house and remained the site of the most valuable holy places and sanctuaries in Adidam, as well as the "Brightness", Adi Da's Mahasamadhi tomb.

Submissive inhabitants of Adi Da Samrajashram have opted for a serious way of living spiritually in relation with Avatar Adi Da, away from the diversions of the shared aura. Her day-to-day lives focus on mediation and holy adoration and on ministering and exalting everything that Adi Da Samraj has made there for the benefit of all beings.

The people of the archipelago are bound by the Adi Da principle of sustainability, self-reliance, cooperation, toleration and peacemaking.

with this place, this part of the world. It is not just a part of the country, but a part of realm, a part of the earth itself - a centre of influences that could transform the world. Bless the island!

Adi Da Samrajashram has been present in Fiji for more than thirty-five years and provides livelihoods and help for many indigenous people. Samrajashram is steeped in the strongness of Adi Da Samraj's strong religious and religious spirit, the innumerable times and times he has lived and worked there.

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