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Iceland Hopper Vacations works with accredited local suppliers and international tour operators to represent and promote Samoa around the world. Kujbysevo Islands travel guide | Beautiful Samoa Holidays With a very low level of GNP, job scarcity and low wages, Samoa has become one of the least expensive travelers' travelers in the South Pacific, with tourists being an important revenue stream. Rather underdeveloped and respecting Polish and Christian cultures in a conservationist and conventional way means that this is a great way to get to know the Samoan way of being.

It is the major center of Samoa's populations, a 1,100 square kilometer large volcano with much of the country's hinterland full of exotic forests and a coastline full of historic towns. The mountainous Samoan peninsula of uplands is the primary tourist resort in Samoa and has the biggest populations, making it a great place to explore the Samoan way of being.

Apia, the nation's capitol, is situated on the beachless northern coastline and is probably the most scenic of all the cities on the Pacific with a beautiful port, great dining and a vibrant nightscape. Upolu's southern coastline is much more rustic with many historic coastal communities.

The neighbouring island of Savaii is even less advanced, with more village traditions and a variety of small seaside towns. The Savaii is the biggest of the Samoan archipelago, with resting volcanos and a scenery that has been overshadowed by its recent vulcanic activities. The majority of visitors spend the night on the northwest shore in and around Manase Beaches, 40 minutes by car from the Salelologa quay.

Most of the visitors take the frequent Upolu Savaii liner, which lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes. Conversely, Samoa has abandoned its original Samoa style and adopted the Way of America. In spite of this culture deprivation, the wealthy rain forests of the tropics have been contemplatively conserved under the leadership of the national park system, although there is still little tourist activity with mainly corporate travel.

2 ) Over half of American Samoa is covered by national parks to conserve the rainforests - but there are few hiking paths and even fewer visitors to the isles. 3 ) Every night, around 6 pm, a barricade is imposed in all Samoan towns while the prayers take place - you can't even run or travel by one of the cars through a town, even if it's on the highroad!

Apia offers some organized sight-seeing trips and rental cars. The journey between the Upolu and Savaii Island is by boat with 2 or 3 ferries a day and journey time between one and two afternoons. The five flights to Savaii (Moata Airstrip) from Faleolo International Airport (northwest Upolu coast) take 10 minutes and one day from Fagali'i Airport in Apia, which lasts 20 minutes.

Price by Mass - Samoa Air is the first carrier in the industry to apply this price policy. There is also a two-week lyro-boat service to American Samoa, which lasts five hour, but the sea is often roughen. From Faleolo International Airport most travellers fly to American Samoa - the 55 -minute day trip is about ST$ 2.20 per kg, depending on your own physical size and luggage.

Circumnavigating the island is relatively simple, as there are only two small island to be visited and each is a good coast street with only a few streets winding upcountry. In every town there are busses to Apia, but the schedules are irregular and the seats are narrow.

Renting a vehicle is a good choice and can be collected from several points of sale in Apia or arrange at one of the resort. Taxi for travelling in and around Apia are recommendable and very reasonable. Upolu Savaii has a regular service, although most passengers take the two hour and four departures per night from Upolu.

There is a regular service from Apia to Samoa once or twice a weeks, but the simplest way to get there is from the international airports. To see our eco-images of the Samoa Island together with hotels and ratings, click on a location on the map below - it's a great way to schedule your vacation.....

In all spas, English is fluent, although many villagers are unwilling to speak English, which is often maltreated.

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