Trip to Fiji

Journey to Fiji

These are some options for cheap accommodation and hostels in Fiji: Enjoy Fiji's rich marine life and abundance of forests. Backpacker tourism in Fiji HAVE A LOT OF FUNGO ON AN ADVENTUROUS GAME! Throughout the 8 day stay, relax on wonderful sandy beach and seek your own personal thrill in this heaven! PART YOURFIJI ABENTEUER part with a big group! Living was for good mates and great adventurers and with our small private groups (up to 10 people) that's exactly what you get.

You' ll be meeting some funny, young and astonishing folks from all over the globe, as well as our great group guide, who will be there from the minute you get off the airplane. It is the ideal way to make acquaintances and exchange experiences - because who wants to discover Fiji alone?

While we know you're concerned and that sometimes it's a big leap to travel to a new land with a different people! It is all organised completely for you, we collect you from the international airports, take charge of your accomodation, the entire transportation and take charge of all the small things you need to make your trip an unforgettable experience!

Fiji Youth Travel Agency (GLA)

Travel to a country of Pacific Isles and grow seed of opportunities for coming generation. About Fiji? They are among the most isolated places on earth. Indeed, Fiji is a lush greenery. Find out more about the Pacific colonization - how great discoverers travelled millennia by boat to set up here.

Observe the wide Pacific devouring the sunset every single sundowner. Enjoy Fiji's wealth of sea and forests. The Global Leadership Adventures programme provides teenage holiday programmes in Fiji for high schools. Journey to the wonderful Fiji Islands, where you will be taught how to preserve their extensive sea creatures and explore an old Fiji archipelago.

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I am also a Bali man, although I have been to Fiji a few visits and am going again (4 sleeping places to take away!). They' re different, but it also counts what kind of Bali you are. Are you just fond of just loitering in Kuta/Sanur resort, or do you like to travel through Bali and stay in remote areas?

The majority of the resort is well distributed and insulated and you do not have the possibility to eat or talk, so you are obliged to take a taxi (not expensive), rent a vehicle, use public transport (cheap!) or make itineraries. Have a look at the top right of the forum page ("Top Questions") for "what to do on the corporal coast".

A 45 minute Denarau cruise takes you to Plantation Iceland Estate (very 3 stars), but Mana, Treasure and Castaway are available to suit your budgets and taste. There' are also some great opportunities further north ( (2 21/2 to 41/2 hours) with Octopus and Blue Lagoon. When I was 10 I would be trying to get a little of the coral coast and an isle to get a feeling for Fiji and a change.

You' ll find Kuta or Sanur not in Fiji, you' ll find 5-star hotels in Denarau, relax in remote villages and enjoy the slow tempo of the Fiji era and the marvellous heat of the Fijians.

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