Picton Marlborough Sounds new Zealand

Marlborough Sounds New Zealand

All-day Marlborough Sounds Mail Boat Cruise. Picton on the mainland, at the head of Queen Charlotte Sound, is the most important large port. and Queen Charlotte Sound. Marlborough Sound Cruise Picton Day Tour. Located at the tip of New Zealand's South Island, the Marlborough Sounds make up surprisingly a fifth of New Zealand's coast.

There are long protected coves, clear water and sand coves.

There are long protected coves, clear seas and sand coves. Walk through the woods or kayaking around the promontory to explore a new place every single second. Wooded mounds tower sharply out of the ocean, surrounded by protected coves and sand coves. There are three major rivers - Queen Charlotte, Kenepuru and Pelorus Sounds.

This picturesque play area has over 50 reservations managed by the Department of Conservation. In order to really get away from it, take a one or more days walk on the Queen Charlotte Track. You can also spend the night in the remote coves by the water, some of which can only be reached by ferry or heli.

Marlborough New Zealand Picton

A gorgeous harbour city on the outskirts of Queen Charlotte Sound, Picton is home to fabulous cafés, bars, dining rooms, art dealers and more. Cruise by canoe, bicycle, automobile, chopper or airplane to discover the winding waters behind, with birdwatching reserves, deserted coves, conservation areas, luxury resort and the stunning Queen Charlotte Track.

The Picton is a vibrant society with an eclectic mixture of cafés and diners, many of which offer newly captured or cultured locally grown shellfish. Hiking and cycling trails take you through the indigenous scrub around the township, and reward your effort with magnificent vistas of the Marlborough Sounds. Queen Charlotte Sound is a seaside haven, full of protected islands where indigenous bird life flourishes, unspoilt water where you can spot delphins, penguins, orca, sting rays and all kinds of sea birds, and gorgeous sandy areas lined with indigenous shrub.

You can see Queen Charlotte Sound with a variety of activities on offer, ranging from led and unled kayaking hire, boat and take-off charter, mailboats and cruise ships. Explore New Zealand's most threatened fauna in protected areas or the historical Ship's Cove - the favorite anchor of James Cook's exploration of New Zealand. Watch dolphins and find out more about the sea animals you see along the way, which include sea birds and fur seals. For more information, click here.

Awaken early in the Marlborough Sounds for a breathtaking morning choir, as Joseph Banks said when he was visiting Queen Charlotte Sounds with Captain Cook. The Marlborough Lachs and Shells are available in a number of grocery stores. Shellfish ('Sounds food') with a crunchy'chardie' or'sav blanc' is heaven on this planet!

Take a look at the second most rare birds in the worid, the Kingshag, with a stagnating 500-600 group. They are nesting near Motuara Island in the Marlborough Sounds. The Marlborough Sounds offers a piece of paradise for everyone, from independent brooks to all-inclusive luxury hotels, some of which can only be reached by boat taxis.

Discover the Marlborough story of the whales at the Perano Chalet. Capture the early bird for an early bird's eye view of Motuara Island and then drop off for early breakfasts at Furneaux Lodge. The Kaipupu Wildlife Sanctuary, a nature reserve on the coast, is a few minute drive by ferry from Picton, full of local birds.

Vulnerable kiwis and various indigenous species, such as the King Cormorant, flourish on predator-free isles in the Marlborough Sounds, as well as tua taras, geckos and indigenous crocodiles. Elaborate sound channels capture the life of the Dolphin, Stingray, Seal and even Orcas and Cetaceans. The Picton Museum contains interesting tales about the local whale-fishing industry.

In Marlborough you can also go kayaking on the Wairau Lagoon, cruising near a variety of New Zealand birds or visiting the unique bat populations of the Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve. Take a walk on the Lochmara Lodge wilderness trails or learn more about Yealands Estate Winery's award-winning sustainable wine-making practice.

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