Do Australians need a Passport for Norfolk Island

Australians need a passport to Norfolk Island?

Which identification documents do I need to travel to Norfolk Island? Failing that, you'll have to surrender your other passport to become a citizen. U.S. Consulates General - Passport/Visa Centres - Australia Post Offices.

It seems you need a passport to get there from Australia. There are special categories for residents of Norfolk Island:

What does Australia mean under "identity card" in the allowed alternatives itinerary?

There is a website with a listing of tourist documentation needed to get into Australia. Under" Passport for all other travellers" (non-Australian/New Zealanders) is "a passport or other reasonable passport ", under "Other reasonable passport " is "Document of identity (if the owner is not an australian national, a visum is required)", which relates specifically to the aussie identity which is a complex and arcane juristic fake which is primarily designed to make persons without a passport go to Norfolk Island:

Northfolk Island is an area that until recently was largely self-governed and exempt from most of Australian tax and benefit payments. They needed a way to find the travellers, but could not demand a passport (since it was not a strange country), hence the DOI. Search other issues with custom and immigrant documents or ask your own one.

So if you are living on an Aussie addiction island.

To get a Medicare membership, you must be living in Australia or Norfolk Island. A Medicare membership is also available if you come from a health care agreement state. You are entitled to Medicare benefits in Australia if you can prove to us that you are a national or a regular resident:

You can get a Medicare membership if you are living in Australia and have requested long-term residence. That does not cover the application for a parental permit. Parents can apply for Medicare if they come from a mutually agreed health care jurisdiction and fulfil the admission requirements. You can obtain a Medicare membership if you have requested a paying parental entry form.

When you have directly requested the resident dutiable visas without having the resident temporarily dutiable visas, you are not entitled until you are issued your resident dutiable visas. When adopting a foreigner, you can include the adoption in your card: When adopting an Australian baby, you can include it on your map if you have a maternity record, and you can get a Medicare map if you are visiting Australia from a health agreement state.

Part of the cost of medical treatment can be paid for during your sojourn. They may be entitled if you are living in a state with which Australia has an arrangement and meets the terms of the alliance. Learn more about mutual health agreements. If you are a New Zealand national, you can get a Medicare card:

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