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Her port ID is used to it: Type your Port of Armstrong ID/Username. Did you know: Armstrong is committed to providing a secure Internet experience. In order to protect his network and his customers, he blocks certain ports. Since the days of the Georgia colony, Savannah has been an international port city.

The Armstrong Campus | Georgia Southern University

Which is Armstrong or Port Port? Armstrong Port or Port is the safe website where the Armstrong Fellowship can link to on-line scholarly assets, management tools and fellowship information. The Port does not substitute the Armstrong Web site. The Armstrong Port identifies who your part is and shows the contents accordingly.

Port will deliver tailored contents for certain target groups. For a more in-depth look at Armstrong Port, read our Armstrong Port Students Guide. For an Armstrong faculty or staff member who would like to take a closer look at the Armstrong Port, read our Faculty and Staff Guide to the Armstrong Port.

The Port of Armstrong will eliminate the need to use Shape for enrollment, grade plans, scores and other use. You can still call Shipp outside the port, but it requires that you memorize a different username and a different passcode (907 number and pin). Each action and change that occurs in port is reflected in your latest PHP environments.

Access, log-in, passwords, etc. Where can I get a log-in and passwords? Use your most recent Port of Armstrong user name and your Port of Armstrong passcode for you. Use your ActiveDirectory/Port user name and Active Directory/Port passwords for faculty/staff. Are the portals safe to check confidential private information?

Yes, the site is a safe place to verify your sensible and confidential information. The Port of Armstrong uses the same SSL encoding as most of the other online banking sites you normally use. You will be asked if you want to renew your port after 30 min of idle time. To keep your information safe and confidential, the best way is to click the Sign Out icon in the upper-right part of the screen and then exit your web browsing when you're done.

Where do I find my port ID? The 907 and Port Lookup on the Port Login page is available to authenticate the port ID. In order to look up your port ID, you must type in your last name, first name, the last 4 of your social security number and your date of birth. What do I do to get my password back?

Port Resetting passwords on the Port Logon page is available for resetting the passwords in self-service. In order to re-set your passcode, you must input your Armstrong ID (907 number), Port ID, and the last 4 numbers of the SSN. Who do I talk to about the Armstrong Port? In case you have a problem with your port balance or access data, please use techcenter.armstrong. edu, email us at edu or call IT Services HelpDesk at 912.478.2287.

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