French Polynesian Island group that Includes Nuku Hiva

Polynesian-French Archipelago with Nuku Hiva

On Fatu Hiva you can still see local tribes with head-to-head tattoos. The Marquesas Islands Volcanic archipelago in the Pacific, s the equator. The official website of the Tourist Office of Tahiti and its islands. American site with information about the islands of French Polynesia: Tahiti, Rangiroa, Fakarava, Moorea, Nuku Hiva, Huahine, Manihi, Tikehau, Raiatea & Taha'a, Hiva Oa and Bora Bora. Guidebook to the famous island of Bora Bora.

Guidebook Marquesas - French Polynesia Marquesas Honeymoon Highlights

Marquesas are a group of high vulcanic islets 1000 northeast of Tahiti. It is said that the island originated over a million years ago, the oldest more than 5 million years ago. Though they are tropically climatic, they are not sanctuary by cliffs or pelagic caverns like many other groups of French Polynesian archipelagos and cliffy coastlines with sanctuary and small inlets.

This island is known for its many sandy shores and good waves. Nuku Hiva and Hiva Oa are the two biggest airports with services between Tahiti and its isles. Coming to Marquesas you can take the Aranui Freighter or the Seven Seas Paul Gauguin.

They are both 14-16 days tours where you can really see and experience the core of Polynesian cultur. There are some of the most beautiful old ceremony venues, mountains, lush vegetation, and rugged coastlines on these isles. Located here, Paul Gauguin was inspiring to record the vision of French Polynesian people.

Explored in 1791, Nuku Hiva is the biggest island with 127 sqm. It is truly stunning from its summits to its coves, with many falls, one of which is the second highest waterfall in the whole wide area. The Taiohae is the most important centre of the administration of the Marquesan Island.

2,600 residents are living in various towns around Nuka Hiva and the towns are linked by country lanes suitable for 4x4 cars or horse. The first island in the Polynesian islands was Hiva Oa. It is about 125 sq. m. and has unbelievable summits and stunning coves.

The island has about 200 residents, living in the towns of Atuona, Puamau, Hanaiapa and Taaoa, all in their own remote canyons. Born in 1901, Paul Gauguin remained in Hiva Oa until his passing in 1903. In Atuano Village he is entombed and the first centre of Paul Gauguin is the place where his former house was born.

There are also field paths connecting the towns, which are best for 4x4 and horse riding. A number of guesthouses, small guesthouses or small guesthouses are located on these two isles. Keikahanui Nuku Hiva Pearl Lodge, with a view of a cove and a small town, and Hanakee Hiva Oa Pearl Lodge, with a 200° view from Mount Temetiu, Traitorsay and a small island, are by far the best accommodations if you want the service and comforts of a lodge or resorts.

Most of the towns and cities are accessible by 4x4 and helikopter. On Nuku Hiva there are several travel agencies that offer full or half days outings. There are a wealth of archaeological places, waterfall cascades and a panorama of coves. Hiva Oa has among other things renowned Tiki's and the queen's tomb, archaeological places and petrol glyphs.

The ranch is one of the few horse ranches on Nuku Hiva. You can organize full or half days trips with picnics. Hiva Oa also has a number of horse trekking resorts that provide guided walks. On each island there are many hiking paths and horse rides every hour.

Plongee Centre is situated on Taiohae Quay on the island of Nuku Hiva. It is owned by a French diving instructor who has lived there for 20 years and has a 33 feet diving vessel for 15 people. This is the favourite diving trip with more than 20 diving spots in the immediate vicinity and several secluded one.

A number of charter and coastal excursion agencies are available. In some cases, you will take a hike including some of the falls. In Nuku Hiva, between the many towns, lookouts and archaeological places that this island has to offer, you will find the second great water fall, the Ahuii Falls, which falls 1148ft.

Notre Dame dei Marquesas Cathedral, erected in 1977, is made up of rocks from all the occupied isles. Hiva Oat has the Paul Gauguin Museum, the Traditional Art Museum and the holy site of Tohua Pepeu. It is also possible to see the tomb of Paul Gauguin and others at the Calvary cemetery behind the village of Atuona.

The choice of restaurants is restricted to the two island towns and cities. Situated in the Nuku Hiva resort, it serves some of the best meals on the island with stunning scenic vistas. It serves French cuisine that is inspired by Moroccan cuisine. There is an astonishing menu of wines and native seafood, meat and products that combine the astonishing flavours of the island.

The Le Tiki Bar serves delicious coctails and a great place to relax in paradise. Situated in the town of Hatiheu on Nuku Hiva, the hotel is so loved that it needs to be booked. Situated on the Taiohae Villa shore road on Nuku Hiva, this place is open 3 times a week except Sundays.

There is a wide choice of pizza and French and local specialities. Situated on Hiva Oa, it serves some of the best meals on the island with magnificent scenic vistas. It also serves French cooking inspired by Marquesan cooking. Again with an impressing menu of wines and regional seafood, meat and sausages that combine the astonishing flavours of the island.

In Atuona Village, this is a great place to enjoy beautiful lobster fiestas, freshwater prawns, macaronis and other tasty regional cuisine. Bookings are highly recommanded and the restaurants do not take payment via bank card. Situated on Hiva Oa, this eatery offers 3 dinners a days with the meal serving on the patio overlooking Tahauku and Taaoa Bays.

Lobsters and prawns are the most favourite cuisines. Reservation is a must in this place.

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