Norfolk Island Country

The Norfolk Island Land

Isle of Norfolk Island's Major Music Festival. Norfolk Island time zone flag in Norfolk Island. Norfolk Island Travel Centre will be chartering an Air New Zealand trip from 19 to 26 May for New Zealand guests and travelers arriving for the Norfolk Island Country Music Festival 2018. The festival is one of the largest and most beloved in the island's schedule and will celebrate the Norfolk Island Country Music Association's 25-year existence next year.

Norfolk Island Travel Centre's 7-night Air New Zealand Charter Package is offered from NZD1547 per passenger from the airport of Ă…uckland: the following prices included:

Isle of Norfolk Country codes

That'?s what we have to choose to make a call from Russia to Norfolk Island. First you choose: -672 = Country prefix. It is the country of your choice, in this case Norfolk Island. Here's your choice: Exit number is the number that has been allocated to your country to call an internation number.

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