Hawaii Island Hopping

Hopping Hawaii Island

The Oahu is probably the most famous of all Hawaiian islands. Featuring six large islands open to tourists in Hawaii, one might assume that island hopping passes are easy to get. Hopping Packages:Find discount tours / holiday packages and book soon for the biggest savings! Hopping Hawaii Island a great opportunity to see more than one Hawaii Island, talk to a Hawaii specialist to make this dream Hawaii Holiday. Find out how you can try them all with an island hopping route.

Oahu, Kauai and Maui Multi Center - Hawaii Island Hop

When you need our guidance on how to make a great Oahu vacation, just call our Destination Specialists. Hawaii, known as the state of Aloha, consists of 8 major isles, all of which offer wonderful sandy shores, crystalline water and stunning overlooks. Every island has its own personalities to see and do with so much, so why not take an Island Hopping Tour and see for yourself?

The proposed 9-day quest includes Oahu, Kauai and Maui. From the beloved island of Oahu, renowned for its Honolulu metropolis with the world-famous Waikiki surfing wavefront, the route continues to Kauai, known as Garden Isle and for its diverse range of water sports such as dip feeding and kayaking.

Finally, we continue to Maui with its luxuriant vegetation, rain forests and Haleakala crater, why not rent a vehicle and watch migratory worms or cetaceans? Departing from London Heathrow on January 8, 19 departures with Virgin Atlantic, stay for 3 overnight stays only in a Waikiki City View room (Oahu), 3 overnight stays only in a standard room (Kauai), and 3 overnight stays only in a twin room (Maui).

Holidays Hawaii Island Hopping::Bon Vinage

Maui Hopping is an ideal way to get the best of hawaiian civilization by tasting the major island of Oahu, Kauai, Maui and then The Big Island. However, this vacation is not just about relaxing on the beaches, because on each of these beautiful isles you will find many interesting and thrilling pursuits to keep you busy.

It is the major island of Hawaii with the wonderful Waikiki Beach. Unwind on the gold sand, windsurf the wave or snorkell underwater and admire sea living. Kauai has some natural sights after the Oahu beach and windsurfing. Drive to Waimea Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, to see the island's icon.

Also, on the sea, take a dusk to the best place on the sea to observe the dusk on the island. And Kauai is also a great place to see Luaus and savour some of the contagious hawaiian ambience. Float over the vulcanic countryside and take pictures of lakes, streets, cities and luxuriant rain forests.

Hawaii' s islands are a central Pacific Volcano Islands and the Great Island, also known as Hawaii, is home to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Returning to the Big Island water is a great opportunity to see the huge tortoises or swim with the manta rays that live in the area.

Her Hawaii Island Hopping Holiday ends here. Besides the above island there are also the less known Lanai and Molokai which can be integrated into your parcel. Maybe you'd like to spend a few outings in Los Angeles before going to Hawaii? Each of our vacations is tailor-made, call the Bon Voyage trip experts to talk about your perfect Hawaii Island Hopping holiday.

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