Easter Island Statues Bodies

The Easter Island Statues Body

O. This is news from an island, not half an hour from an early home of the Zika virus, the island of Yap. Archeologists discover the bodies of Easter Island statues are coated with intricate tattoos

In 1914, archeologists discovered that the Easter Island crowns were covered with corpses. Now, the researchers were in shock when they discovered complicated tatsos that covered the statue's spars. Akademiker believe that the half moon engraved on the backs of the statues represents the Polynesian canoe. In 2010, Jo Anne Van Tilburg, head of the Easter Island Statues Project, began digging out the monolith.

"This proposed to those who had not seen photographs of (other excavated statues) that they were just heads," she added. Van Tilburg's crew also found that the ceremony was connected to the statues. A large quantity of reddish pigment used to decorate the statues was also found. "The back of both statues is coated with petroglyphic, many of which are also vaca.

It is strongly recommended that the vaca icon be directly linked to the identities of the artists or groups that own the statue," Van Tillburg said. With a height of 10 metres and a weight of more than 80 tons, the 887 huge rock figures named Moai were cut out of vulcanic rock between 100 and 1800 A.D. by old Polynesians.

Allegedly the bodies of the monolithes were initially uncovered, but were finally laid under slit strata after hundreds of years of exposure to the element. Though their meaning is not fully known, it is assumed that the statues are important forebears or people. Easter Island is one of the most secluded and populated islands in the whole wide open space of the United States. It lies more than 2,000 leagues off the Chilean coastline.

The MAD foretold the bodies of the Easter Islands years ago.

The bodies of the Easter Island statues have been prophesied by the..... Recently the mysteriously huge statues of the heads on the Easter Island coastline have been excavated and it has been discovered that the rocks have entire bodies adorned with cryptically engraved symbol. While the Easter Island Statue Project has invested many years and innumerable bucks to make this finding, they could have spared a great deal of their own precious little effort just by studying it!

In recent years, we have not just forecast this result once but twice, and we have even provided some responses to the real aim of the old structure.

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